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**** First CALL for PAPERS ****

Shape Modeling International '2004

Genova, Italy, June 7-9 2004

as part of the first International Convention on
Palazzo Ducale
Genova, Italy, June 7-11 2004


As information is moving from textual to visual form, shapes are gaining
importance in all fields of the society. Shapes are concerned with
geometry, structure, attributes, semantics, and have interaction with
time. Shapes populate virtual environments in advanced scientific and
engineering simulation fields as in many emerging edutainment
applications, where they also interact with virtual human agents.

SMI04 addresses all aspects of shape acquisition, modelling, 
navigation, retrieval and understanding, and welcomes contributions on the
perceptually relevant and semantically capable representations of shapes.

SMI was launched for the first time in Japan in 1997 with the aim of
engaging a rather multi-disciplinary community with common interests about
shape modeling, but looking at the problem from a side view with respect to
other specialized conferences. From year 2002 the SMI conference became 
an annual
event with the venue changing circularly from Asia to Europe, and to 
America, it
has also included the Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop on Implicit
Surfaces as a specific session. Previous events were held in 1997 and 1999
(Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan), 2001 (Genova, Italy), 2002 (Banff, Canada), 
2003 (Seoul,

SMI'04 will be the sixth International Conference on Shape Modeling and
Applications, and it will include full paper presentations, tutorials 
and keynote
lectures organized in coordination with SM04 (see the Convention web 
site for
details), and poster sessions. SMI04 will feature for the first time 
the Best
Paper Award.

The conference is organized in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH (pending),
EUROGRAPHICS (pending), and CGS (pending) The Conference Proceedings 
will be
published by IEEE Computer Society Press (pending).

SMI04 takes place for the first time within the International Convention on
Shapes and Solids 2004 (abbreviated SMI&SM04).

SMI&SM04 is organized by the Institute of Applied Mathematics and
Information Technology, Dept. of Genova, belonging to the Italian National
Research Council (CNR), and it will be held in Genova, European Capital 
of Culture
in year 2004, with the aim of bringing together the two major international
conferences in 3D modeling: Shape Modeling International (abbreviated SMI)
and the ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications (abbreviated SM).

The Conference Chairing will provide a joint coordination of common aspects
of the conference (tutorial and keynotes' speakers), while maintaining the
distinctive aspects of both conferences which will be run separately.

The SMI&SM04 Convention is chaired by Bianca Falcidieno while Prof.
Tosiyasu L. Kunii has been invited to be the Honorary Chair of the event.

The conference is devoted to all areas of shape modeling, including but
not limited to:

Shape Acquisition and reconstruction
Shape Modeling and Design
Shape Analysis and Reasoning
Shape Transformation and Morphing
Shape Matching and Retrieval
Dynamic Shapes
Topological Modeling of Shapes
Computational Basis for Shape Modeling
Shape Perception and Recognition
Interaction with Shapes
Implicit Surfaces
Polygonization of Surfaces
Physically-based Shape Modeling
Free-form Feature Extraction and Modeling
Volume and Multidimensional Modeling
Compression and Simplification of Shapes
Interactive and Web-based Shape Modeling
Shape Rendering
Grammar-Based 3D Modeling
Modeling for Games and Entertainment

Conference Chair:
Jarek Rossignac, Michela Spagnuolo

Program Chairs:
Alexander Pasko, Franca Giannini


Adzhiev V. Akleman E. Alexa M.
Alliez P. Basri R. Belyaev A.
Bernardini F. Bowyer A. Cani M.-P.
Choi H. Cohen E. Cohen-Or D.
Coquillart S. De Floriani L. De Martino M.
Dey T. Eakins J. Encarnaçao J.
Farin J. Ferri M. Fujishiro I.
Funkhouser T. Gotsman C. Gross M.
Hart J. Hoppe H. Joy K.
Juettler B. Kartasheva E. Kim M.-S.
Klein R. Kobbelt L. Leon J.-C.
Levy B. Lindstrom P. Magillo P.
Martin R. Massabo A. Montani C.
Monti M. Nasri A. Okunev O.
Peters J. Pottmann H. Puppo E.
Qin H. Quak E. Schlick C.
Schröeder P. Scopigno R. Seidel H.-P.
Shapiro V. Sheffer A. Shinagawa Y.
Silva C. Snoeyink J. Stork A.
Suzuki H. Szymczak A. Thalmann D.
Thalmann N. Turk G. Varshney A.
Velho L. Veltkamp R. Woodwark J.
Wyvill B. Wyvill G. Zorin D.


October 20, 2003 Abstracts
November 15, 2003 Full papers
December 15, 2003 Posters
January 15, 2004 Notification
February 15, 2004 Camera ready
June 7 - 9, 2004 SMI04

Sandra Burlando, Marinella Pescaglia
Caterina Pienovi (IMATI-GE, CNR)

Contact on organization and submission:
Michela Spagnuolo, E-mail: spagnuolo at

Electronic Submission will be available (from September 2003) at

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