release of polymake 2.0

Michael Joswig joswig at math.TU-Berlin.DE
Wed Jul 9 15:13:44 PDT 2003

This is to announce the release of polymake's version 2.0.

For almost six years now polymake is known as a software tool which
deals with convex polytopes only.  Starting with this version 2.0,
additionally polymake's new application "topaz" (which may be read as
TOPology Application Zoo) deals with finite simplicial complexes.

Features of topaz include the computation of simplicial (co-)homology
(with or without bases), Stiefel-Whitney characteristic classes, and
intersection forms of 4-manifolds.

The application "polytope" (which now comprises the "classical"
functionality) features several bug fixes and minor improvements.

On the technical side: We now support the most recent gcc 3.3 as well
as Intel's icc 7 C++ compilers (and a few other compilers/versions).

Source and binary distributions for various variations of UNIX (and
much more detailed information of all sorts) are available from

We are open for questions and suggestions,
Ewgenij Gawrilow & Michael Joswig


Sorry in case you receive this announcement multiply.

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