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IAS-8: 8th Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems March 10-13,
2004, Amsterdam, NL www.ias8.org

IAS-8 brings the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Conference back to
Amsterdam, the city which also hosted the first two IAS
conferences. The focus of these conferences is on intelligent
systems that can directly sense and act in their own environment
without demanding detailed supervision from humans. These systems
are beginning to enter our daily life in ambient intelligence
applications. Many new challenges are emerging to create systems
that can operate and interact in human inhabited environments.

Prospective authors are invited to submit
full papers in PDF or Postscript formats through the conference
website www.ias8.org. Accepted papers must be presented at the
conference by one of the authors in order to appear in the
conference proceedings and CD. The proceedings will be published
by IOS press and will be available as book and CD-ROM.

IMPORTANT DATES Submission of full papers: Sept 8, 2003
Acceptance notification: Nov 17 , 2003 Final paper due: Dec 15,
2003 Early registration: Dec 15, 2003

EURON MEETING The annual meeting of the European Robotics Research
Network is co-located with, and immediately follows the IAS-8

TOPICS include but are not limited to: Autonomous robots, Robot
vision, Domestic robots, Multi-agent systems, Sociable systems,
Distributed decision making, Cooperative multi-robots, Human and
robot skills Humanoids, Service robotics, Health care and medical
robots, Biologically inspired systems, Sensing and data fusion,
Planning and control architectures, Learning and adaptive systems,
Robot societies, Robots in space and underwater, Human-robot
interaction, Cognitive robotics

GENERAL CHAIR: Frans Groen, University of Amsterdam, The

STEERING COMMITTEE: Tamio Arai, University of Tokyo, Japan,
Ruediger Dillmann, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Maria Gini,
University of Minnesota, USA, Enrico Pagello, University of Padua
and Ladseb-CNR, Italy, Anthony Stentz, Carnegie Mellon University,

PROGRAM COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS In America: Nancy Amato, Texas A&M
University, USA In Europe/Africa: Andrea Bonarini , Politechnico
di Milano, Italy In Asia/Oceania: Dr. Eiichi Yoshida, AIST, Japan

LOCAL ORGANIZATION: Ben Kröse, University of Amsterdam, The

PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Peter Allen, Marcelo H. Ang, Ron Arkin,
Minoru Asada, Osman Burchan Bayazit, Alicia Casals, Riccardo
Cassinis, Enric Celaya, Raja Chatila, Hyung Suck Cho, Henrik
Christensen, Jim Crowley, Antonio D'Angelo, Kerstin Dautenhahn,
Ernst Dickmanns, Dario Floreano, Dariu Gavrila, John Hallam, Koji
Ito, Ray Jarvis, Gal Kaminka, Alonzo Kelly, Hiroaki Kitano, Sven
Koenig, Kurt Konolige, Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar, Ben Krose,
Jean-Claude Latombe, Christian Laugier, Steve Lavalle, Paul Levi,
Pedro U. Lima, James J. Little, Ramon Lopez de Manteras, Vladimir
Lumelsky, Zhi-Wei Luo, Rezia Molfino, Satoshi Murata, Ulrich
Nehmzow, Anibal Ollero, Jun Ota, Isabel Ribeiro. Alan Schultz,
Wei-Min Shen, Roland Siegwart, Carmen Torras, R.Lai.Tummala, Peter
Will, Mark Yim, Hiroshi Yokoi

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