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I need to interpolate segments instead of points in 2D.

These segments are the edges of the Delaunay triangulation of
a set P of points p_i in the plane.

To each of these segments ]p_i,p_j[, is associated a value f_ij
all along the segment)

A would like a fonction F(x,y) such that
F(x,y)=f_ij if M(x,y) is a point of the segment ]p_i,p_j[

(F is not defined at the points p_i because f_ik
may be different from f_ih whatever p_k and p_h linked to p_i
in the triangulation)

For F, I would like a smooth function (either piecewise linear
 (0th order continuity evrywhere except on P), or
1st derivative continuity everywhere except on P).

I tryed to google "segment-interpolation" but it fails
to find something close to what I expect.

Do you know some work about the kind of interpolation I seek?

Thank you

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