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Thu Jan 16 09:29:39 PST 2003

Dear computational geometry community members,

the GeometryFactory got incorporated on January 6 2003.  This company
is a spring-off of the CGAL project (  It starts
modestly with one person, and we hope to grow to a four people company
until the end of the year.


Our products are geometric software components, not a library. This
reflects the fact that few people need all of CGAL. Furthermore, it
allows to differentiate components concerning their maturity (industry
strong for integration in products, vs. early access versions for
rapid prototyping in research), concerning their licenses, concerning
the supported platforms, concerning the component owner, etc.

Our goal is to have separately downloadable components in spring.

Relationship to Academia

We do not consider academia as a market, so CGAL is and will continue
to be free for academic usage.  We consider acadmia as partner: In the
past academic users gave us, the CGAL developers, valuable feedback on
components that were in an early stage, which helped us a lot to
improve CGAL. Furthermore, there are first extensions of CGAL which
were developed outside of the CGAL project. We currently work towards
license agreements to have such extensions in the product catalogue.

You can find more information about us at:

Best regards,


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