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NICTA is a new research organization in Australia, set up by a coalition of
Federal and State Governments and Universities.

One of the themes of NICTA is Human Machine Interaction. Within this theme,
NICTA launched a Visualization program, called HUM, in July 2003. The aim of
the program is to investigate new ways of presenting information to people.
A few sample initial projects are:

  a.. Graph visualization: making pictures of discrete relational
information such as social networks.
  b.. Physical interaction metaphors: using familiar paradigms from the
physical world to navigate large abstract data sets.
  c.. Surveillance of fast-streamed data sets: displaying huge data sets
that arrive very fast (such as telephone call data).
  d.. Ambient visualization: enhancing the periphery of the focus of
attention with useful information.
  e.. Remote collaboration: groups of engineers can collaborate over design
problems using networked visualizations.
  f.. Software visualization: making pictures of software designs, source
code, and running processes.
  g.. Financial visualization: using pictures to help stock market analysts.

The NICTA HUM program is seeking to recruit

  a.. Research students: Scholarships are available on a competitive basis.
Applicants should have either:
    a.. A strong masters degree or honours in Computer Science/Engineering,
    b.. A strong degree in the visual arts with extensive experience in
Information Technology
  a.. Research staff: applicants should have a PhD in a field related to
Information Visualization, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, and/or
Human-Computer Interaction.
There is no deadline for applications but we would like to fill a number of
positions by January 2004.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities in the NICTA HUM program,
please contact the program leader, Professor Peter Eades, at
peter.eades at

Peter Eades
School of Information Technologies
University of Sydney

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