Steering committee CG: call for votes

Marc van Kreveld marc at
Wed Aug 20 11:49:23 PDT 2003

Dear computational geometers,

The current steering committee is in the process of
getting a new steering committee elected. The call for
nominations went out early summer, and I managed to
contact all nominees (but one) and asked if they were
available as a member of the steering committee, should
they be elected.

The following list of computational geometers were
nominated, accepted the nomination, and can be elected
by you. The election round starts with this e-mail.

Pankaj Agarwal
Chandrajit Bajaj
Mark de Berg
Marshall Bern
Prosenjit Bose
Herve Bronniman
Erik Demaine
Tamal Dey
Herbert Edelsbrunner
David Eppstein
Jeff Erickson
Sandor Fekete
Steve Fortune
Bernd Gaertner
Leo Guibas
Dan Halperin
Sariel Har-Peled
Ferran Hurtado
Kurt Mehlhorn
Joe Mitchell
Dave Mount
Janos Pach
Suneeta Ramaswami
Guenter Rote
Jack Snoeyink
Ileana Streinu
Subhash Suri
Gert Vegter
Sue Whitesides

The list above is in alphabetical order. To vote, send
me an e-mail with in the subject "steering committee vote"
and in the main text five names from the list. The order
of the five names is not relevant. I will add up the numbers
of votes; the five with the most votes will become the new
steering committee. It will be up to them to select a chair
and distribute other responsibilities.

Votes can be sent to me until and including September 1,
until midnight (whatever time zone you are in).

FYI: The current steering committee (2001-2003) consists of:

Joe Mitchell (chair)
Jeff Erickson
Dan Halperin
Nina Amenta
Marc van Kreveld

The new steering committee will be in function for three years.

Best wishes,

Marc van Kreveld
(secretary of the steering committee)

E-mail: marc at

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