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{\huge {
\bf FCT\ 2003}}
\vskip 0.5 cm
{\bf 14-th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory}
\vskip 1 cm
Malmö, Sweden, August 12-15, 2003}
\vskip 1 cm
    The symposia on Fundamentals of Computation Theory are held every two
    years. The proceedings of FCT have always been
    published as volumes of Lecture Notes in Computer Science by
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The 14-th symposium will be held in Malmö, Sweden, at the Malmö Högskola.
The symposium will have invited lectures by Sanjeev Arora (Princeton), Christos Papadimitriou (Berkeley)
and \\
George P\u{a}un (Romanian Academy) and
  sessions for presenting
    technical contributions. 

\vskip 0.5 cm
Papers presenting original research in all areas of theoretical
computer science are sought. Topics of interest include:
\vskip 0.2 cm
\parbox{0.3 cm}{\ \ \ }
\parbox{15.7 cm}{
design and analysis of algorithms, abstract data types, approximation
algorithms, automata and formal languages, categorical and topological
approaches, circuits, computational and structural complexity, circuit
and proof theory, computational geometry, computer systems theory,
concurrency theory, cryptography, domain theory, distributed
algorithms and computation, molecular computation, quantum computation
and information, granular computation, probabilistic computation,
learning theory, rewriting, semantics, logic in computer science,
specification, transformation and verification, algebraic aspects of
computer science.}
\vskip 0.3 cm
Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of their papers,
    presenting original contributions to the theory of computer
    science.  Papers should be submitted electronically (in
    Postscript) to {\sl Andrzej.Lingas at cs.lth.se}
\vskip 0.2 cm
Authors from countries where access to Internet is difficult should 
    contact the chair of the programme committee using the address:
    Andrzej Lingas, 
    Department of Computer Science,
    Lund University,
    Box 118,
    SE-221 00 Lund,
\vskip 0.2 cm
 Submissions should consist of: a cover page, with the author's full
    name, address, fax number, e-mail address, a 100-word abstract, 
    keywords and an extended abstract describing original research. 
    Papers should not be exceeding 12 pages in the standard LNCS-style.


\vspace{0.3 cm}
%\Large {\bf Important dates }}
\subsection*{Important dates}
\item Submissions: February 20, 2003
\item Notification: April 1, 2003
\item Camera-ready copy: April 30, 2003
%item Symposium: August 12-15, 2003


\vspace{0.5 cm}
{\Large {\bf Conference chair}}

%\subsection*{Conference chair}
{\who Bengt Nilsson  }\\
{\where  Malmö Högskola}\\
{\where  Teknik och samhälle}\\
{\where SE-205 06 Malmö}\\
{\where Sweden}\\


{\Large {\bf Program Committee}}

{\who Arne Andersson}, {\where Uppsala} \\            
{\who Stefan Arnborg}, {\where KTH Stockholm} \\  
{\who Stephen Alstrup}, {\where ITU Copenhagen}\\
{\who Zoltan Esik}, {\where Szeged}\\
{\who Rusins Freivalds}, {\where UL Riga} \\
{\who Alan Frieze}, {\where CMU Pittsburgh}\\
{\who Leszek G\c asieniec}, {\where Liverpool}\\
{\who Magnus Halldorsson}, {\where UI Reykjavik}\\
{\who Klaus Jansen}, {\where Kiel}\\
{\who Juhani  Karhumäki}, {\where Turku}\\
{\who Marek Karpinski}, {\where Bonn}\\
{\who Christos Levcopoulos}, {\where Lund}\\
{\who Ming Li}, {\where Waterloo}\\
{\who Andrzej Lingas}, {\where Lund} (Chair)\\
{\who Jan Maluszy\'{n}ski}, {\where Linköping}\\
{\who Fernando Orejas}, {\where Barcelona}\\
{\who Jürgen Prömel}, {\where Berlin}\\
{\who Rüdiger Reischuk}, {\where Lubeck}\\
{\who Wojciech Rytter}, {\where Warsaw/New Jersey IT}\\
{\who Miklos Santha}, {\where Paris-Sud}\\
{\who Andrzej Skowron}, {\where Warsaw}\\
{\who Paul Spirakis}, {\where Patras}\\
{\who Esko Ukkonen}, {\where Helsinki}\\
{\who Ingo Wegener}, {\where Dortmund}\\
{\who Paul Winter}, {\where Copenhagen}\\
{\who Vladimiro Sassone}, {\where Sussex}\\


{\Large {\bf Organizing Committee}}
%\subsection*{Organizing Committee}                     

{\who Bengt Nilsson}, {\where Malmö} (Chair)\\
{\who Oscar Garrido}, {\where Malmö}\\  
{\who Thore Husfeldt}, {\where Lund}\\
{\who Miros{\l}aw Kowaluk}, {\where Warsaw}\\

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