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Wed Oct 16 16:13:41 PDT 2002

Carleton University

    a center for Geometric Computing and its Applications
    and for Applied High Performance Computing


We invite applications for postdoctoral fellowships at Carleton University.
Carleton University's Paradigm Research Group is
a concentration of 7 researchers working directly in geometric
computing and three working in closely related areas. The group is participant
of several national and international activities and has
links to industry and regional hospitals.

Research support comes from governments and industry, in particular
SUN Microsystems is a partner in our SUN-NSERC industrial research
Chair in applied parallel computing and in a research program
on wireless geographic information services. Paradigm is  a participant
in the High Performance Virtual Laboratory which has several
SUN SMP Sunfires and a 128-processor beowulf cluster.

Applications in areas of applied geometric and
parallel computing are welcomed.
Currently research areas of particular interest to us are:

* Approximation algorithms       - including shortest paths problems
* Medical computing              - including visualization, image processing
                                   and cancer treatment
* High Performance Computing     - all areas are considered with particular
                                   focus on spatial applications
* Geographic Information Systems - including design and implementation
                                   of wireless GIS
* Algorithms for GIS             - including geometric computations
                                   performed in wireless GIS

Postdoctoral fellowships are for one year but could be extended.
R&D would be carried out in collaboration with J.-R. Sack and D. Nussbaum.
It is expected that postdocs would participate in graduate student
research and in our research seminar.
In general, postdocs are not expected to teach.
Applicants are expected to have a strong background in computer science
and should provide a statement as to how their background relates
to the topics listed above,
how they will contribute to and benefit from our research program.

Applications should be sent to:
postdoc at

or by regular mail to:
J.-R. Sack
SUN-NSERC Chair  and Professor
Assoc. Dean - research
School of Computer Science
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1S 5B6

Curriculum Vitae incl. publication list
Summary of main contributions  (readable!)      <= 2 pages
Background as it relates to topic listed        <= 1 page
Benefits to/from our research program           <= 1 page
Three letters of recommendations (to be sent directly from referees)
Statement of specific funding for postdoctoral work

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