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Thu May 16 12:11:42 PDT 2002

We apologize for possible multiple postings.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We consider that this conference can be of your interest
(see the last news below).
For this reason we remember you that early registration
is near to finish (May 27, 2002).

The last news are:

1) The program of ICALP 2002 is available on
http://www.lcc.uma.es/ICALP2002, Schedule.

2) The preliminary program of the Global Computing event is also
available in the same site  (and directly on:

3) Finally,  the committee of Goedel prize 2002 reached
a unanimous decision. The Goedel prize 2002 is
Géraud Sénizergues, for his paper on the decidability
problem for deterministic pushdown automata.

L(A) = L(B), Decidability results from complete formal systems
Theoretical Computer Science, Vol 251 (2001), pages 1 - 166.

You can access to the abstract of this paper on
http://www.lcc.uma.es/ICALP2002, Invited talks.

See you on ICALP 2002 in Málaga.

Best regards,
Rafael Morales

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