Call for SoCG Business Meeting agenda items

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Mon May 13 13:28:06 PDT 2002

Dear Members of the Computational Geometry Community,

   The annual SoCG business meeting will be held on Thursday,
June 6 (6:00pm) at SoCG in Barcelona.  
We are currently collecting business agenda
items for the meeting.  Please let me know if you have 
announcements or discussion items to raise.

   SoCG'2003 will take place as part of FCRC in San Diego, California
on June 8-10, 2003; we will hear from Steve Fortune regarding how
plans are shaping up.  The program committee chairs will also have
a chance to speak.

   As is our tradition, we will be deciding the location for SoCG
two years from now at the business meeting.
Thus, we need to have those who want to propose to host it
give at least a brief "sales pitch" at the business meeting.
So that we can anticipate which proposals will be made, please
let me know if you plan to make one.
Also, if you would like to propose to host SoCG'2004 but will
be unable to attend the business meeting in Barcelona, please
either send a proxy or give me information that I can use to
make the pitch for you.

See you in Barcelona!

Joe Mitchell
Steering Committee

jsbm at

The SoCG Steering Committee members:
  Nina Amenta, Jeff Erickson, Danny Halperin, Marc van Kreveld, Joe Mitchell

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