SWAT 2002 Call for Participation

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                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

       Eighth Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
                          (SWAT 2002)

                        July 3-5, 2002
                        Turku, Finland



The SWAT workshop, which alternates with the Workshop on
Algorithms and Data Structures (WADS), is intended as an
international  forum for researchers in the area of design
and analysis of algorithms and data structures.

The deadline for early registration is April 22nd, 2002.
Registration is open at the web address


For more information please check the conference web pages or
send email to
                    swat2002 at cs.utu.fi

Invited speakers:
    Torben Hagerup:
        "An Efficient Quasidictionary"
    Heikki Mannila:
        "Algorithmic and Probabilistic Techniques in Data Mining"

Accepted papers:
    Agnarsson, Damaschke and Halldorsson:
        "Powers of Geometric Intersection Graphs and Dispersion
    Alber, Fellows and Niedermeier:
        "Efficient Data Reduction for Dominating Set:
         A Linear Problem Kernel for the Planar Case"
    Albert and Atkinson:
        "Sorting with a Forklift"
    Alstrup, Brodal, Gørtz and Rauhe:
        "Time and Space Efficient Multi-Method Dispatching"
    Anand, Erlebach, Hall and Stefanakos:
        "Call Control with k Rejections"
    Arkin, Hassin, Rubinstein and Sviridenko:
        "Approximations for Maximum Transportation Problem
         with Permutable Supply Vector and other Capacitated
         Star Packing Problems"
    Augustine and Seiden:
        "Linear Time Approximation Schemes for Vehicle Scheduling"
    Azar, Epstein, Richter and Woeginger:
        "All-norm Approximation Algorithms"
    Bazgan, de la Vega and Karpinski:
        "Approximability of Dense Instances of Nearest Codeword
    Bodlaender and Fomin:
        "Tree decompositions with small cost"
    Bodlaender and Rotics:
        "Computing the treewidth and the minimum fill-in with
         the modular decomposition"
    Broersma, Fomin, Kratochvil and Woeginger:
        "Planar graph coloring with forbidden subgraphs:
         Why trees and paths are dangerous"
    Chlebík and Chlebíková:
        "Approximation Hardness of the Steiner Tree Problem"
    Demaine, Lopez-Ortiz and Munro:
        "Robot Localization without Depth Perception"
        "Optimum Inapproximability Results for Finding Minimum
         Hidden Guard Sets in Polygons and Terrains"
    Ellis, Fan and Fellows:
        "The Dominating Set Problem is Fixed Parameter
         Tractable for Graphs of Bounded Genus"
    Even, Kortsarz and Slany:
        "On network design problems: fixed cost flows and the
         Covering Steiner Problem"
    Frederiksen and Larsen:
        "Packet Bundling"
    Gabow and Pettie:
	"The Dynamic Vertex Minimum Problem and its Application
         to Clustering-type Approximation Algorithms"
    Golynski and Horton:
        "A Polynomial Time Algorithm to Find the Minimum Cycle
         Basis of a Regular Matroid"
    Goswami, Das and Nandy:
        "Simplex range searching and k nearest neighbors of a
         line segment in 2D"
    Hepner and Stein:
        "Minimizing Makespan for the Lazy Bureaucrat Problem"
    Katajainen and Madsen:
        "Performance Tuning an Algorithm for Compressing
         Relational Tables"
    Katajainen and Pasanen:
        "A Randomized In-Place Algorithm for Positioning the kth
         Element in a Multiset"
        "Computing the Threshold for q-Gram Filters"
    Könemann, Li, Parekh and Sinha:
        "Approximation algorithms for edge-dilation k-center
        "Paging on a RAM with Limited Resources"
    Lev-Tov and Peleg:
        "Exact Algorithms and Approximation Schemes for Base
         Station Placement Problems"
    Levcopoulos, Lingas and Mitchell:
        "Adaptive algorithms for constructing convex hulls and
         triangulations of polygonal chains"
    López-Ortiz and Schuierer:
        "On-line Parallel Heuristics and Robot Searching under
         the Competitive Framework"
        "A PTAS for the single machine scheduling problem with
         controllable processing times"
    Palú, Pontelli and Ranjan:
        "An Optimal Algorithm for Finding NCA on Pure Pointer
    Pe'er, Shamir and Sharan:
        "On the Generality of Phylogenies from Incomplete
         Directed Characters"
    Puri and Tripakis:
        "Algorithms for the Multi-Constrained Routing Problem"
    Qin and Zhu:
        "A factor-2 approximation for labeling points with maximum
         sliding labels"
        "Forewarned is fore-armed: Dynamic digraph connectivity
         with lookahead speeds up a static clustering algorithm"
    Roy, Goswami, Das and Nandy:
        "Optimal Algorithm for a Special Point-labeling Problem"
    Sanders and Vöcking:
        "Tail bounds and Expectations for Random Arc Allocation
         and Applications"
    Shamir and Tsur:
        "Improved Algorithms for the Random Cluster Graph Model"
    Sharir and Smorodinsky:
        "On Neighbors in Geometric Permutations"
        "On a theorem of Erdos, Rubin, and Taylor"
    Soisalon-Soininen and Widmayer:
        "Amortized Complexity of Bulk Updates in AVL-Trees"
    Sztainberg, Arkin, Bender and Mitchell:
        "Analysis of Heuristics for the Freeze-Tag Problem"

Social program:
    Reception of the city of Turku
    Excursion to the archipelago
    Conference dinner

Program Committee:
    Martti Penttonen, co-chair, University of Kuopio
    Erik Schmidt, co-chair, University of Århus
    Micah Adler, University of Massachusetts
    Martin Dietzfelbinger, Technische Universität Ilmenau
    Pinar Heggernes, University of Bergen
    Giuseppe F. Italiano, University of Rome
    Haim Kaplan, Tel Aviv University
    Rolf Karlsson, University of Lund
    Jyrki Katajainen, University of Copenhagen
    Olli Nevalainen, University of Turku
    Jop Sibeyn, University of Umeå
    Michiel Smid, Carleton University

Organizing Committee:
    Timo Järvi, chair, University of Turku
    Lasse Bergroth, University of Turku
    Timo Kaukoranta, University of Turku
    Olli Nevalainen, University of Turku
    Timo Raita, University of Turku
    Jouni Smed, University of Turku
    Jukka Teuhola, University of Turku

    Jaana Lindgren, Congress Office, University of Turku
        Email: cescon at utu.fi
        Fax: +358-2-3335008 or +358-2-3336410

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