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			       Call for Papers
                 10th International Symposium on Graph Drawing
                  August 26-28, 2002, Irvine, California, USA


   * Deadlines:
        o Submissions: April 23, 2002
        o Notification of acceptance: June 14, 2002
        o Early Registration: July 22, 2002
        o Graph Drawing Contest submission: August 9, 2002
        o Camera-ready copies of accepted papers: August 22, 2002

   * Location: Irvine, California

   * Scope: The symposium is a forum for researchers and practitioners
     working on all aspects of graph visualization and
     representation. The range of topics considered in graph drawing
     includes graph algorithms, graph theory, computational geometry,
     topology, planarity, computational cartography, visual
     perception, information visualization, computer-human
     interaction, applications, and practical systems.

     Much research in graph drawing is motivated by applications to
     systems for viewing and interacting with graphs. Graph drawing is
     becoming increasingly important in many applications including
     visualization tasks in software engineering (e.g., automatic
     layout of UML-diagrams), business process modeling (e.g.,
     organization diagrams, event-driven process chains), and
     computational biology (e.g., display of biochemical
     pathways). The interaction between theoretical advances and
     implemented solutions is an important part of the graph-drawing

   * Call for Papers and Demos: Authors are invited to submit papers
     describing original research of theoretical or practical
     significance to graph drawing. System demonstrations are also
     solicited.  Descriptions of system demos should include
     illustrative screen dumps and an explanation of the system's
     functionality. Regular papers and demo descriptions should be
     labeled as either long or short; long papers will be assigned 10
     pages in the conference proceedings, and short papers 5 pages.

   * Graph Drawing Contest: Following the tradition of previous
     conferences, a graph drawing contest will be held. Details will
     appear on the website later this Spring.

   * Submissions: Submitted papers and demo descriptions must be
     received by April 23, 2002. Each submission should include an
     indication of its type (paper or demo description) and length
     (regular or short), and contact information for the primary
     author. Electronic submissions in standard PostScript should be
     submitted by the process described at:

     Alternatively, 16 hard copies of the submission can be mailed to
     the program chair. All submissions received will be acknowledged
     promptly by e-mail.

   * Proceedings: Accepted papers will be published in the conference
     proceedings, which will appear in the Springer-Verlag series
     Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Camera-ready and electronic
     copies of accepted papers are due at the conference. Instructions
     for Authors will be available after the paper notification

     All participants will receive a copy of the proceedings as part of
     their registration.

   * Program Committee:
     Ulrik Brandes, University of Konstanz
     Franz Brandenburg, University of Passau
     Giuseppe di Battista, University of Rome
     Christian Duncan, University of Miami
     Michael Goodrich, Univ. of California, Irvine, co-chair
     Xin (Roger) He, SUNY Buffalo
     Seok-Hee Hong, University of Sydney
     Michael Kaufmann, University of Tübingen
     Stephen Kobourov, Univ. Arizona, co-chair
     Giuseppe Liotta, University of Perugia
     Anna Lubiw, University of Waterloo 
     Petra Mutzel, Vienna University of Technology
     Stephen North, AT&T Research
     Roberto Tamassia, Brown University
     Ioannis (Yanni) Tollis, Univ. of Texas, Dallas 
     Sue Whitesides, McGill University

   * Organizing Committee:
     Michael Goodrich, Univ. of California, Irvine

   * Contest Committee:
     Franz Brandenburg (chair), University of Passau

   * Contact Information:
        o Conference URL:     
        o Conference Organization:      gd2002 at
        o Electronic Submission:
        o Hard-copy Submission:
          Michael Goodrich
          Dept. of Information and Computer Science
          University of California - Irvine
	  Irvine, CA 92697-3425
          Phone: (949) 824-9366

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