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***Keynote Speaker - Tony Ingraffea, Invited Speakers - Herbert
Edelsbrunner, Hugues Hoppe and Dimitri Mavriplis***

***The conference proceedings will be published by Sandia National
Laboratories and distributed at the Roundtable. Selective high-quality
papers will be published in a special issue of Engineering with

Join us for the 11th International Meshing Roundtable to be held on the
campus at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA on September 15-18,

In 1992, Sandia National Laboratories started the Meshing Roundtable as a
small meeting of like-minded companies and organizations striving to
establish a common focus for research and development in the field of mesh
and grid generation. Sandia National Laboratories continues to organize the
International Meshing Roundtable, which has become recognized as an
international focal point annually attended by researchers and developers
from dozens of countries around the world. 

The International Meshing Roundtable continues to focus on bringing together
researchers and developers from academia, national labs and industry in a
stimulating, open environment to share technical information related to mesh
generation and general pre-processing techniques.  In 2002, Roundtable
attendees will enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, gorges, lakes and the rolling
hills of Ithaca, New York, USA, while staying at Cornell University's
Statler Hotel.  This year's conference will be hosted by Cornell University
with contributions from Moldflow Corporation and National Science Foundation
Information Technology Research (NSF/ITR) Adaptive Software Project. 

Events at Roundtable 2002 include:
*	Pre-conference short course on Sunday, September 15
*	Technical presentations of contributed papers
*	Keynote Speaker
		*	Tony Ingraffea
*	Invited Speakers
		*	Herbert Edelsbrunner
		*    Hugues Hoppe
		*    Dimitri Mavriplis
*	Poster session with "Best Technical Poster," "Best Student Poster"
      "Meshing Maestro" awards. We encourage submission of posters
      novel research results as well as posters showcasing state-of-the-art
      by industry developers and meshing software vendors
*	Birds-of-a-Feather session providing a discussion forum for small
groups of researchers working in similar fields
*	Panel discussion with special focus on adaptivity
*	Dinner banquet

More information on the Roundtable, as it becomes available, will be
published at the International Meshing Roundtable website:

  May 1, 2002            		 Full paper due
  July 1, 2002         	 	 Acceptance/Rejection notices sent to
  August 1, 2002		 Final camera-ready papers due
  August 16, 2002     		 Early conference registration due
  August 23, 2002   	 	 Hotel reservation due for special discount
  September 15, 2002  	             Short Courses, Statler Hotel, Ithaca,
New York
  September 16-18, 2002   	 11th International Meshing Roundtable,
Statler Hotel,
                                    	 Ithaca, New York, USA

Papers are being sought that present original results on meshing, grid
generation, and other pre-processing techniques.  We encourage theoretical
and novel ideas with practical potential as well as technical applications
from industrial researchers. In addition to our core topics in meshing
related algorithms, we are also interested in obtaining technical papers
that relate analysis and application solutions to the mesh generation
process. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

*	Adaptive meshing
*	Anisotropic mesh generation
*	CAD interface for meshing
*	Dynamic meshing
*	Geometry simplification, decomposition, and cleanup
*	Hybrid meshing
*	Industrial applications for complex geometries
*	Interactions between multiple meshes
*	Large mesh manipulation
*	Mesh data formats and databases of meshes
*	Mesh quality, smoothing, and optimization
*	Meshing of parametric models
*	Parallel meshing algorithms and software
*	Standards and components for mesh generation
*	Structured and unstructured grid generation
*	Surface and volume meshing from point clouds
*	Theoretical basis of mesh generation
*	Volume and surface mesh generation

The conference proceedings will be published by Sandia National Laboratories
and distributed at the Roundtable. Selective high-quality papers will be
published in a special issue of Engineering with Computers.

Papers should contain significant technical content to be accepted. No
presentation will be permitted at the conference without the submission and
acceptance of a technical paper. Accepted papers will be published in the
proceedings and will also be available on CD. Pending author approval they
may be available on the IMR website. The proceedings are printed in black
and white.

Papers should be 8-12 pages in length (9 point, two columns) and received by
May 1, 2002. Formatting details including templates for Word and LaTeX will
be available on the conference web site. Final camera-ready papers not
meeting formatting guidelines will not be accepted for publication in the
proceedings.  Paper submissions will be accepted in Word and PostScript,
electronic submission only. Papers can be transferred by anonymous ftp to (place in directory pub/incoming/jfsheph/11imr) or can be
mailed to jfsheph at

Files transferred via anonymous ftp should be named as follows, to avoid
collisions on the ftp site: names should start with the first author's last
name, followed by a hyphen, followed by the last four digits of the author's
phone number.  Authors should send email to Jason Shepherd,
(jfsheph at with the paper title and file name immediately after
placing it on the site.

Questions regarding paper submission should be addressed to Jason Shepherd,
Frank Witzeman and Tamal Dey, Technical Papers Co-Chairs.

A detailed registration form will be made available on the International
Meshing Roundtable website at: <>

The site of this year's Roundtable is the city of Ithaca, New York. The
Roundtable will be held at the Statler Hotel located on the Cornell
University campus.  The hotel provides complimentary transportation to and
from the Ithaca airport and bus terminals. Just let them know your arrival
and departure schedule. Parking your car at the hotel will cost an
additional $6.00 per car, per night. The parking is based on availability
and they are limited to 74 spaces. Alternative self-parking options will be
provided upon request. 

The Statler Hotel is within 250 miles of most major cities in the Northeast;

Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, New York City.  Please, check the web
site at for detailed instructions on getting to
Ithaca from the above locations. 

        The Statler Hotel
        Cornell University
        Ithaca, New York 14853
        1-607-257-2500 (Direct)
        1-607-257-6432 (Fax Number)
        1-800-541-2501 (Toll-free Number)

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Statler Hotel at a special
conference rate of $140.00 single/$150.00 double, plus state and local
taxes. Reservations must be made directly to the Statler Hotel on an
individual basis. In order to facilitate reservations, attendees must dial
the hotel directly and request the Reservations Department. It is imperative
that individuals indicate their group affiliation (11th International
Meshing Roundtable) when making reservations. To ensure obtaining this rate,
participants should make their own reservations before August 23rd, 2002.
Please note that September is an extremely busy time of the year in Ithaca
and hotel rooms are at a premium and may be hard to obtain after August 23,

The International Meshing Roundtable Steering Committee consists of
representatives from national research labs, academia, and industry who
serve on a rotating basis.  This year's committee is:

Nikos Chrisochoides, Chair
William and Mary College,
Computer Science Dept.
Phone: 757-221-3466
Fax: 757-221-1717
E-mail: nikos at <mailto:nikos at>

Jason Shepherd, Technical Papers Co-Chair
Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: 505-284-6600
Fax: 505-844-9297
E-mail: jfsheph at <mailto:jfsheph at>
FTP: (pub/incoming/jfsheph/11imr)

John Chawner, Co-chair for Industry and Posters
Pointwise, Inc.
Phone: 817-377-2807
Fax: 817-377-2799
E-mail: jrc at <mailto:jrc at>

Frank Witzeman, Technical Papers Co-Chair
Air Force Research Laboratory
Phone: 937-255-4305
Fax: 937-656-7867
Email: frank.witzeman at <mailto:frank.witzeman at>

Greg Failla, Co-chair for Industry and Posters
ICEM CFD Engineering
Phone: 253-265-0747
Fax: 253-265-0746
E-mail: greg at <mailto:greg at>

Tamal Dey, Technical Papers Co-Chair
Ohio State University
Dept of CIS
Phone: 614-292-3563 
Fax: 614-292-2911
E-mail: tamaldey at <mailto:tamaldey at>

Steve Vavasis, Local Host
Cornell University
Computer Science Department
Phone: 607-255-9213
Fax: 607-255-4428
E-mail: vavasis at <mailto:vavasis at>

Anita Vasey, Conference Coordinator
Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: 505-844-1338 
Fax: 505-844-2415 
E-mail: arvasey at <mailto:arvasey at>

Lynn Washburn, Financial Coordinator
Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: 505-845-3520
Fax: 505-844-2415
E-mail: lajanik at <mailto:lajanik at>

Bernadette Watts, Webmaster
Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: 505-844-3936
Fax: 505-844-5670
E-mail bmwatts at <mailto:bmwatts at>

Carol Christoffersen, Local Host
Cornell Theory Center
Phone: 607-254-8692
Fax: 607-254-8888
Email carolc at

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