stabbing -- explanation requested

Ian Sanders ian at
Mon Nov 12 17:02:01 PST 2001

Hi all,

Normally I would not bother people with something like this but I have some
time pressures so I hope you will give me a bit of slack.

I have been told that the problem I have been working on is "just like
stabbing" and so I wanted to check this out. Unfortunately it seems that
most of the literature that I can find is either not available in SA or if
the journals are available here then they are currently out. Would anyone
be prepared to give me a quick summary of stabbing/stabbers -- I am
interested in the 2-d case only as my problem is strictly 2-d. A summary
would help me decide whether to spend the money on inter-library loans from
outside of South Africa (an expensive process) to get copies of the papers.


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