Edgebreaker 3D compression for triangle meshes

Jarek Rossignac jarek at gvu.gatech.edu
Tue May 29 23:39:37 PDT 2001

A first version of the Edgebreaker 3D compression software is freely 
available from

Edgebreaker is a very simple state machine that encodes and decodes 
the connectivity of a triangle mesh as a sequence of symbols from the 
set {C,L,E,R,S} with a guaranteed cost of 1.8 bits per triangle and a 
practical cost of about 1 bit per triangle for meshes homeomorphic to 
a sphere and with a modest cost per handle and hole. The proposed 
code uses a parallelogram rule for predicting and compressing vertex 
location, but can be easily combined with other predictio schemes.

The current version of the software supports manifold meshes with an 
arbitrary number of handles but a single hole. Additional holes must 
be filled and then removed by the application.

Please let me know if you decide to use it. Thanks

  - Jarek

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