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Fri May 25 00:19:22 PDT 2001

Dear Members of the Computational Geometry Community,

   The annual SoCG business meeting will be held on Sunday,
June 3 (5:30pm).  We are currently collecting business agenda
items for the meeting.  Please let me know if you have 
announcements or discussion items to raise.

   SoCG'2002 will take place in Barcelona; we will hear from one of 
the conference chairs (Ferran Hurtado) on how plans are shaping up.

   Last year at the business meeting, we had a straw vote showing a
considerable majority favoring to join FCRC in 2003.  We will have a report
on the latest FCRC'2003 plans at our meeting this year and will hold a
binding vote whether or not to join FCRC in 2003.  In case the vote
goes against joining FCRC, bids for hosting SoCG'2003 will be welcome.

See you in Medford!

Joe Mitchell
Steering Committee

jsbm at

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