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Mariette Yvinec Mariette.Yvinec at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Mar 15 14:51:16 PST 2001

A twelve  month position at INRIA Sophia Antipolis
to improve the packaging and porting of CGAL on Windows operating systems

The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library (http://www.cgal.org)
is a C++ library which aims to make the most important of the solutions 
and methods  developed in computational geometry available to users 
in industry and academia. CGAL results from a collaborative effort
of seven research institute (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Max Planck Institute,
ETH Zurich, Utrecht University, Tel Aviv University, FU Berlin 
and Halle University).

In order to help the diffusion of CGAL,
INRIA offers a twelve month position to improve the packaging of CGAL
for windows platforms.
The work to be done mainly consists in :
- setting up an easy  installation procedure under Windows,
- create demos with a convivial GUI. (This assumes to find out
   and set up the right combination of viewer/window tool kit) 
- set up IDE projects for CGAL demos and examples, 
- check the debugging  possibilities under IDE
- configure CGAL for the next release of VC++
  (cleaning no longer usefull workarounds)
- evaluate the Intel plugin compiler
- evaluate how CGAL functionalities could be offered through MS 
  component technology.

Thus, we are looking with candidate with more or less 
 the following profile :
- a good  knowledge of VC++ application developpement
- a good knowledge of unix for porting and platform question 
- fluency in english
- some  knowledge on viewing and windows toolkit

If this offer interests you or anybody in your neighboorhood,
please react quickly. We  have  to find a good candidate
for this position before the BEGINNING OF MAY otherwise
the funding for that position will  vanish.

 Mariette Yvinec
 INRIA  Sophia-Antipolis                  email: yvinec at sophia.inria.fr
 2004, Route des Lucioles BP 93           phone: 33 (0)4
 06902 Sophia-Antipolis Cedex (France)    fax  : 33 (0)4

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