Steering Committee Election

Pankaj Kumar Agarwal pankaj at
Thu Jun 21 13:19:56 PDT 2001

Dear CG Community,
        You may recall that the Computational Geometry Steering
was elected in May of 1999 for a term of two years. It is therefore time

to elect a new committee.  As the outgoing General Secretary
of the Steering Committee, who will not be a candidate for the next
steering committee, I write you now to call for nominations. The
current committee is:

                Pankaj K. Agarwal
                Jean-Daniel  Boissonnat
                Michael T. Goodrich
                Joseph S. B. Mitchell
                Jack Snoeyink

The committee organizes the annual SoCG (Symposium on Computational
Geometry), conducts its business meeting, serves as liaisons to other
organizations (e.g., FCRC), and so on.
        I will conduct the election in the same manner as before. Any
member of the community may nominate any other member by sending e-mail
directly to me by the deadline (see below).  Nominations for
past committee members are allowed.  It is not necessary to
check with those whom you nominate.

        After nominations have been received, I will contact those
nominated and ask them if they are willing to serve.  A list of
candidates will then be prepared and circulated via compgeom-announce.
The community will be asked to vote for five from the list.  The five
the most votes will then become the new Steering Committee. It will be
to them to select a Chair and otherwise organize themselves.

        To nominate someone, send email to

                pankaj at

with "Subject: Nomination" by 11:59PM Sunday July 15, 2001. We look
to hearing from you!

                                Pankaj K. Agarwal

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