The GNU Triangulated Surface library version 0.4.0

Stephane Popinet popinet at
Wed Jan 31 23:06:55 PST 2001

I am pleased to announce release 0.4.0 of GTS.

Much has happened since 0.3.0. A new object structure inspired
by GTK allows to use classical inheritance mechanisms and virtual
functions. As a consequence the object hierarchy has been restructured
and now uses points, vertices, segments, edges, triangles, faces and

The Delaunay triangulation has been entirely re-written and is now
fully-dynamic (insertion or deletion of vertices). The constrained
Delaunay triangulation is semi-dynamic (insertion of vertices and

Boolean operations between surfaces have also been re-written and are
more robust (and also benefit from a much more robust implementation
of the Delaunay triangulation).

Surface coarsening routines have been improved both in term of a more
generic interface and in order to avoid artefacts such as folds in the
simplified surface.

An interesting new extension is the implementation of progressive
surfaces which allow dynamic real-time continuous level-of-detail
representation of a surface. Progressive transmission of surfaces is
also possible. The first building blocks for a hierarchical surface
extension have been written. This will allow for dynamic
view-dependent simplification of surfaces.

The floating-point control interface necessary for robust geometric
predicates has been cleaned and GTS should now build on any (touch
wood) UNIX-based machine.

Preliminary support has been added for win32 compilation using
Microsoft C.

Please note that the html reference manual is now distributed with the

You might want to check the updated manual at

Stephane Popinet

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