Ph.D. and Post-Doc Scholarships, CGC Berlin-Zurich

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Thu Jan 4 13:49:50 PST 2001

	Ph.D. and Post-Doc Scholarships
	Call for Applications

	Berlin-Zurich CGC Graduate Program
	Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation

offers scholarships for 

	Ph.D. students and Post-Docs

for 2 1/2 years and 2 years, resp., starting in 2001.

The program is a joint initiative of ETH Zurich, the three universities
of Berlin - Free University, Technical University, Humboldt-University - and 
the Konrad-Zuse-Research Center. Scholarships are up to DM 2870 (tax-free) 
per month in Berlin, and roughly CHF 36000 (pre-tax) per year in Zurich. 

The scientific program ranges from theoretical foundations to applications.
The areas of research are combinatorics, geometry, optimization, algorithms
and computation, computer graphics, and vision. Supervisors in Berlin
are Aigner, Alt, Rote, Schulz (FU), Moehring, Ziegler (TU), Proemel (HU) and 
Groetschel (ZIB), and at ETH Zurich Erlebach, Fukuda, Van Gool, M. Gross, 
Luethi, Nievergelt, Richter-Gebert, Schiele, Welzl and Widmayer.

Applications with curriculum vitae, copies of certificates, thesis, 
a letter of recommendation of the last advisor, and a brief description 
of the proposed research should be sent in until January 26, 2001
(Post-Doc applications to Zurich, only):

 Prof. Helmut Alt		Prof. Emo Welzl
 Institut Informatik 		Institut Theoretische Informatik
 Freie Univ. Berlin 		ETH Zentrum
 Takustr. 9 			CH-8092  Zurich
 D-14195 Berlin			Switzerland

bfelsner at	cgc.graduate at

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