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This would be a fun opportunity to meet international computer graphics
people and our Brazilian computational geometry colleagues.


                           Call for Contributions

                              SIBGRAPI 2001
     14th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing
                           15-18 October 2001
    Florian=F3polis (
                          Santa Catarina, Brazil

                           SUBMISSION DEADLINES
      Full Papers: May 04, 2001          Tutorial Proposals: May 25, 2001
      Panel Proposals: Jul 01, 2001      Technical Posters: Jul 04, 2001
      Cover Image: Jul 15, 2001          Videos: Jul 20, 2001


SIBGRAPI is a traditional (annual) and main scientific event of
Brazilian Computer Graphics and Image Processing community, sponsored
by the Brazilian Computer Society ( The
symposium is intended to bring the Remote Sensing, Image Processing,
Vision, Graphics,
Computational Geometry, and Geometric Modeling communities together.
SIBGRAPI 2001 will be held in conjunction with Brazilian Symposium on
Multimidia and Hypermidia (SBMIDIA), Workshop on Human Factors in
Computer Systems (IHC) and Symposium on Virtual Reality (SVR). Its
technical program consists of invited talks, tutorials, video
exhibition, and panel sessions with topics of general interest.  All
information on past SIBGRAPI events can be found at

You are cordially invited to participate by submitting your work in
the areas of Computer Graphics and Image Processing, including but not
limited to the following:

  + Image synthesis,
  + Geometric modeling,
  + Graphical interfaces,
  + Multimedia,
  + Image segmentation,
  + Computer vision,
  + Image compression,
  + Remote sensing,
  + Graphics hardware,
  + Animation and simulation,
  + Computational geometry,
  + Scientific visualization,
  + Image retrieval,
  + Pattern recognition,
  + Mathematical morphology,
  + Three-dimensional images,
  + Geographical databases,
  + Applications.

Full instructions for submissions are available at

Contributions should be in one of the following categories:
  + FULL PAPERS, presented as technical lectures and published in the
                Proceedings as two-column, 8-page papers.
  + TECHNICAL POSTERS, presented in a special session and published in
                the Proceedings as two-column, 1-page papers.
  + PANELS on topics related to the SIBGRAPI 2001 themes and their
                short descriptions published in the Proceedings as
                two-column, 2-page papers.
  + TUTORIALS about classical or timely topics, ranged from elementary
                to advanced, consisting of three to six hours of
                lectures with printed notes (20-50 pages).
  + FRONT COVER IMAGES generated by computer graphics or image
           processing techniques, to be printed on the front cover of the
           SIBGRAPI 2001 proceedings.
  + VIDEOS generated by computer graphics or digital video processing
           techniques to be presented in a special session.

Papers, posters, and contributions to panels are to be submitted in
while tutorial proposals may be either in English or in Portuguese.

In case of questions please feel free to contact the Program Co-Chairs:
  Wu, Shin - Ting (Unicamp)
    ting at
  Dibio Leandro Borges (PUC-PR)
    dibio at


  *Full Papers
          Submission: May/04/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Jul/02/2001
          Camera-Ready: Jul/31/2001
  *Technical Posters
          Submission: Jul/04/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Jul/20/2001
          Camera-Ready: Jul/31/2001
  *Panel Contributions
          Submission: Jun/01/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Jul/20/2001
          Camera-Ready: Jul/31/2001
  *Tutorial Proposals
          Submission: May/25/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Jul/02/2001
          Camera-Ready: Jul/31/2001
  *Cover Images
          Submission: Jul/15/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Jul/20/2001
          Submission: Jul/20/2001
          Notification of acceptance: Sep/21/2001
          Exhibition and award cerimony: Oct/17/2001


Organization Committee
  Fernando Ostuni Gauthier (UFSC, Brazil)
  Raul S. Wazlawick (UFSC, Brazil)
  Roberto Willwrich (UFSC, Brazil)
  Walter de Abreu Cybis (UFSC, Brazil)
Program Committee Co-Chairs:
  Dibio Leandro Borges (UFG, Brazil)
    dibio at
  Wu, Shin - Ting (Unicamp, Brazil)
    ting at

Tutorial Co-Chairs:
  Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo (IMPA, Brazil)
    lhf at
  Luiz Marcos Garcia Gon=E7alves (UFRJ, Brazil)
    lmarcos at

Video Festival Coordinator:
  Jos=E9 Mario De Martino (Unicamp, Brazil)
    martino at

International Technical Committee
  Adnan Amin (UNSW, Australia)
  Alejandro C. Frery (UFPe, Brazil)
  Alexander A. Pasko(Hosei University, Japan)
  Antonio Elias Fabris (USP-IME, Brazil)
  Antonio Nuno de Castro Santa Rosa (UnB, Brazil)
  Arnaldo de Albuquerque Ara=FAjo (UFMG, Brazil)
  Aura Conci (UFF, Brazil)
  Creto Augusto Vidal (UFC, Brazil)
  Daniel Thalmann (LIG-EPFL, Switzerland)
  Edward M. Riseman (UMASS, USA)
  Flavio Bortolozzi (PUC-PR, Brazil)
  Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institute, Germany)
  Joaquim A. Jorge (IST-UTL, Portugal)
  Joao Marques de Carvalho (UFPb, Brazil)
  Jose Luis Encarna=E7=E3o (FhG-IGD, Germany)
  Gabriel Taubin (IBM T.J. Watson, USA)
  Marcelo K. Zuffo (USP-POLI, Brazil)
  Marcelo Dreux (PUC-RIO, Brazil)
  Maria Andreia Formico Rodrigues (UFC, Brazil)
  Michel Couprie (ESIEE, France)
  Myoung-hee Kim (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  Nelson D. A. Mascarenhas (UFSCar, Brazil)
  Neucimar Jeronimo Leite (Unicamp, Brazil)
  Nina Amenta (U.T. Austin, USA)
  Oscar H. Bustos (UNCor, Argentina)
  Paulo Cezar Pinto Carvalho (IMPA, Brazil)
  Patricia Lobo Netto (Vetor Zero, Brazil)
  Pedro J. de Rezende (Unicamp, Brazil) 
  Robert Sabourin (University of Quebec, Canada)
  Roseli de Deus Lopes (USP-POLI, Brazil)
  Sameer Singh (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)
  Silvia Delgado Olabarriaga (UFRGS, Brazil)
  Soraia Raupp Musse (UNISINOS, Brazil)
  Vaclav Skala (University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic)

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