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*****                     Call for Papers                         *****
******                                                           ******
********          G R A P H   D R A W I N G    2 0 0 1         ********
********                                                       ********
********         September 23-26, 2001, Vienna, Austria        ********
******                                                           ******
*****                 *****

*** Scope: ***
Theory - Algorithms - Software. The symposium is a forum for 
researchers, practitioners, developers, and users working on all 
aspects of graph visualization and representation. The range of 
issues considered in graph drawing includes graph algorithms, 
graph theory, computational geometry, topology, planarity issues, 
combinatorics, optimization, heuristics, local search, computational 
cartography, information visualization, visual languages, visual 
perception, computer-human interaction, applications, and practical 
Graph drawing is becoming increasingly important in many applications 
including visualization tasks in software engineering (e.g., automatic
layout of UML-diagrams), business process modeling (e.g., organization
diagrams, event-driven process chains), and computational biology
(e.g., display of biochemical pathways). Researchers and practitioners
with an interest in these or other applications are especially welcome
to participate.

*** Software_Exhibition: ***
During the conference there will be a graph drawing software
exhibition for which we hope to attract all state-of-the-art software 
tools in graph drawing. The software will be accessible for all
conference participants on computers in the hall of the conference 

*** Graph_Drawing_Contest: ***
See the GD 2001 web site.

*** Location: ***
The conference will take place in the building of the Austrian Academy
of Sciences (picture on the 100 schilling bank note) which is located 
in the center of Vienna at Dr. Ignaz Seipel Platz 2 (about 3 minutes 
walking distance from Stephansdom).

*** Satellite Event: Bike Tour to Vienna ***
Go to Vienna by bike! There is a scenic bike route from Passau - the 
site of GD 95 - to Vienna. The tour is about 300 km long and follows 
the Danube river on the historic Nibelungen trail. It's an easy ride, 
completely on bike paths and down hill.
As an introduction to the bike tour, an informal workshop on "Drawing
Large Graphs" shall be held at the University of Passau on Wednesday, 
September 19, 2001. The bike tour and the workshop are organized by 
Franz Brandenburg.

*** Call_for_Papers_and_Software: ***
    * PAPERS: We invite papers describing original research of 
      theoretical or practical significance to graph drawing. 
      A submission consists of a standard PostScript or PDF file of 
      an extended abstract or full draft paper of at most 15 pages 
      in Springer LNCS-style format, including fax number and e-mail 
    * SOFTWARE: A contribution to the software exhibition consists 
      of the software in executable format for Windows, Linux, or 
      Solaris, a poster, and a 2 page short description in Springer 
      LNCS-style format, including fax number and e-mail address.
Please e-mail submissions to gd2001 at by May 28, 2001. 
See for Springer 
LNCS-style format requirements.

*** Proceedings: ***
Accepted papers (at most 15 pages) and software (2 pages) will be 
published in the conference proceedings, which will appear in the 
series Lecture Notes in Computer Science of Springer-Verlag. The 
camera-ready copy as well as electronic files of accepted papers and 
software are due at the conference. A selection of the exhibited 
software will be invited to contribute to a book on state-of-the-art 
graph drawing software. This book will be one of the first volumes 
in a new book series called "Mathematics and Visualization" that will
be launched by Springer-Verlag.

*** Program Committee: ***
Petra Mutzel, Vienna University of Technology - chair
Michael Juenger, University of Cologne - co-chair
Franz Aurenhammer, Graz University of Technology
Therese Biedl, University of Waterloo
Giuseppe Di Battista, University of Rome III
Franz Brandenburg, University of Passau
Yefim Dinitz, Ben Gurion University
Peter Eades, University of Sydney 
Herbert Fleischner, Austrian Academy of Sciences                         
Hubert de Fraysseix, CNRS Paris
Mike Goodrich, Johns Hopkins University 
Jan Kratochvil, Charles University Prague
Giuseppe Liotta, University of Perugia
Brendan Madden, Tom Sawyer Software
Shin-ichi Nakano, Gunma University

*** Organizing Committee: ***
Petra Mutzel, Vienna University of Technology - chair
Michael Juenger, University of Cologne - co-chair
Leonid Dimitrov, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Barbara Hufnagel, Vienna University Of Technology
Gunnar Klau, Vienna University of Technology
Sebastian Leipert, caesar Bonn
Rene Weiskircher, Vienna University Of Technology
Emanuel Wenger, Austrian Academy of Sciences

*** Software Exhibition Organizers: ***
Martin Gruber, Vienna University of Technology
Thomas Lange, University of Cologne

*** Graph Drawing Contest Organizer: ***
Franz Brandenburg, University of Passau

*** Important Dates:***
Submission of papers and software:   May  28, 2001 
Notification of acceptance:         July  17, 2001   
Registration:                       July  31, 2001    
Final version due:                  Sept. 23, 2001       

*** Contact Information: ***
Petra Mutzel - GD 2001
Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms
Vienna University of Technology
Favoritenstr. 9-11 E186
A-1040 Vienna, Austria
fax:    +43 1 58801 18699
phone:  +43 1 58801 18611
e-mail: gd2001 at

**** Graph Drawing 2001 Web Site: ****

****   GD 2001 is organized by Vienna University of Technology,   *****
****   Austrian Academy of Sciences, and University of Cologne    *****

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