ACIS - parameters on a spherical surface

Ang Pin Yang pin_yang at
Sun Dec 2 01:00:27 PST 2001

Hello all, I am having a problem in using ACIS geometric modelling package. 
Hope you all can enlighten me.

>From what I know, when a CAD spherical surface is exported to ACIS format 
(*.sat), ACIS will use the surface's orthogonal circumcircles (both with the 
sphere center as its center) as the u and v axis (u,v serve as the parameters).

My problem is, if I got a {u,v} coordinate, and I want to find the 
corresponding 3D position on this spherical surface. The ACIS interface will, 
occasional, return a point which is not at the expected location, because there 
are two points on this surface have the same {u,v} value. 

Can anyone please tell me how to handle this problem? 

Thanks a lot.

Pin Yang

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