1 Year Research Position, Starting Jan. 1 2001

David Bremner bremner at unb.ca
Fri Oct 13 16:25:46 PDT 2000

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                  Postdoctoral/Visiting Position At UNB CS
                              October 13, 2000
   The Faculty of Computer Science at the University of New Brunswick has
   an opening for a one year visiting research position in the general
   area of geometric computation. The primary responsibility of the
   successful applicant will be to conduct research in collaboration with
   members of the geometric computing group at UNB. There will also be
   some light teaching responsibilities at the graduate level.
   Research in geometric computing at UNB is motivated by, and finds
   application in, a broad set of applications. Of particular interest to
   researchers here are applications in computational biology,
   geographical informations systems, robotics, and visualization.
   Balancing this application driven research is basic research on
   spatial data structures and optimization.
   We envision a starting date of January 1 2001. The 12 month salary
   will be $40,000. Interested researchers should forward a CV, along
   with reprints/preprints of 3 recent publications to
                               David Bremner
                        Faculty of Computer Science
                        University of New Brunswick
                               P.O. Box 4400
                              Fredericton, NB
                                  E3B 5A3
   Electronic applications (plain text or PostScript only!) can be sent
                               bremner at unb.ca

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