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Wed Oct 11 12:04:59 PDT 2000

At Utrecht University, in the Applied Algorithms group (headed by 
Mark Overmars) we have available a

                     postdoc position for 4 years
The goal of the work is to construct a C++ library for shape matching 
and to do experimental research with it. To this end we want to implement 
a number of existing shape matching algorithms and, more interesting, work 
on extending existing algorithms and designing new ones for larger classes 
of shape matching, and evaluate the performance of these algorithms. This 
work is part of a larger project on shape matching: SHAME - Shape Matching 
Environment, on which a PhD student and two postdocs are working together. 
The library will be developed on top of the Computational Geometry 
Algorithms Library, CGAL, see

The project is part of our larger initiative on shape matching and 
applications in shape-based image database retrieval, the group consists 
of 9 persons. See also

If you are interested, please contact me (Remco.Veltkamp at
I am happy to provide more details about the project, and to answer 
questions about working conditions etc. 

Remco Veltkamp

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