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			      WADS 2001
	    7th Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures

			  August 8-10, 2001

			   Brown University
		    Providence, Rhode Island, USA


	Sponsored by the Center for Geometric Computing and by
	the Department of Computer Science at Brown University

The Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures, which alternates with
the Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory, is intended as a forum
for researchers in the area of design, analysis, and implementation of
algorithms and data structures. We invite submissions of papers
presenting original research on the theory and applications of
algorithms and data structures in all areas, including combinatorics,
computational biology, computational geometry, databases, graph
drawing, graphics, information retrieval, information security,
parallel and distributed computing.

Contributors are invited to submit an extended abstract not exceeding
12 pages by February 19, 2001. Detailed submission instructions will
be posted at http://www.wads.org/. The proceedings will be published
in the Springer-Verlag series Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

  February 19: submission of papers
     April 18: notification of acceptance/rejection of papers
       May  9: receipt of accepted papers in camera-ready form
      June 20: advance registration

Invited Speakers:
  M. J. Atallah (Purdue)
  F. T. Leighton (Akamai Technologies and MIT)

Conference Organization:
  Conference Chair: R. Tamassia (Brown)
  Publicity Chair: Y.-J. Chiang (Polytechnic)
  Local Arrangements Chair: G. Shubina (Brown)

Program Committee:
    F. Dehne (Carleton), J.-R. Sack (Carleton), R. Tamassia (Brown)
    A. Apostolico, T. Chan, B. Codenotti, G. Di Battista, S. Dolev,
    M. Farach-Colton, P. Fraigniaud, H. Gabow, S. Goldman, G. Gonnet,
    M. Goodrich, R. Grossi, M. Halldorsson, S. Khuller, R. Klein,
    J. Kleinberg, G. Liotta, E. Mayr, J. Mitchell, S. Naeher,
    T. Nishizeki, V. Prasanna, E. Puppo, J. Rolim, J. Snoeyink,
    I. Tollis, I. Vrt'o, D. Wagner, T. Warnow, S. Whitesides,
    P. Widmayer

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