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Tue Nov 14 14:22:06 PST 2000

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant: Digital Topology and Geometry

Applications are invited for a Post Doctoral Research Assistant
at The University of Leeds to work on an EPSRC funded project
"Digital Topology and Geometry: An Axiomatic Approach, with 
Applications to GIS and Spatial Reasoning". 
This is a joint project with Imperial College, London, 
where the Principal Investigator is Dr Mike Smyth.

The post will be based at the School of Computing, University of
Leeds, where there is a well-established research group in spatial
reasoning. There will be close collaboration with researchers at
Imperial College, and also with the Geographic Information Systems
research group at Keele University.

The post is available from 1st January 2001, but it may be possible
to agree a later starting date. The appointment is for a fixed term
of three years.

The principal aims of the project are

1. To develop an axiomatic theory of geometry that admits as models
   discrete spaces as well as classical continuous spaces such as 
   Euclidean spaces.

2. To produce topological and geometric structures which can be used
   as the basis of computational descriptions of natural phenomena.
   Applications in the areas of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
   spatial reasoning in artificial inteligence (AI) will be 

3. To extend digital topology as used in image analysis to a theory 
   of digital geometry.

4. To design and implement algorithms within the developed digital
   geometry for tasks such as convex hull and Delauny triangulation.

The research assistant will work largely on the applications of the
geometric theory including the development of algorithms and the 
evaluation of the suitablility of the theory to problems in areas
such as spatial reasoning in AI, GIS and image analysis. One phase
of the project will focus on applications to multi-resolution 
spatial data: the description of geometric structure at a variety
of levels of detail.

Candidates should have, or be about to complete a PhD in a relevant
area of Computer Science, Mathematics, or Artificial Intelligence.
Candidates are not expected to be familiar with all of the application
areas mentioned above, but suitable research experience in one of the
following areas would be useful: spatial reasoning, computational
geometry, theory of image analysis, computer graphics, formal aspects
of GIS. Applications are also welcome from candidates whose main
experience has been in a relevant area of topology or geometry.

Details of the formal aplication procedure will be available
shortly, but anyone interested in this post should contact
Dr John Stell by email: j.g.stell at 
or by phone: 01782 584083.

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