removing points from a 3-D Delaunay tetrahedralization

Olivier Devillers Olivier.Devillers at
Fri May 19 10:26:23 PDT 2000

The following paper works in 3D (I have imlemented it even if it is
not written in the paper. I ghave done it afterwards).

, author =      "Olivier Devillers"
, title =       "On Deletion in {Delaunay} Triangulation"
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, abstract =    "This paper present how space of spheres and shelling 
can be use
d to delete efficiently a point from d-dimensional triangulation. In 
, if k is the degree of the deleted vertex, the complexity is 
$O(k\log k)$, but
we notice that this number apply only to low cost operations; time 
consuming com
putations are done only a linear number of times. This algorithm can 
be viewed a
s a variation of Heller algorithm which is popular in the geographic 
 system community. Unfortunately Heller algorithm is false as 
explained in this

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