Geometry Conference

Tue Mar 14 14:51:04 PST 2000

                            Geometry Conference

                  Recent Trends in Geometry and Symmetry

                 A Conference in Honor of Donald W. Crowe

Donald W. Crowe has spent over 40 years popularizing, researching and
teaching the many facets of geometry, especially aspects of geometry related
to symmetry. The purpose of this conference is to honor his efforts by
providing a forum to discuss new trends and developments in the study of
geometry and symmetry.

In addition to talks by invited speakers, conference attendees will have the
opportunity to give expository and survey talks (varied-length time slots
will be available) related to the themes of the conference. There will also
be ample time for attendees to interact on an informal basis. Attendees are
encouraged to bring along models for display in the Model Room.

Invited speakers include:

H.S.M. Coxeter (University of Toronto)
Chandler Davis (University of Toronto)
Greg Frederickson (Purdue University)
Solomon Garfunkel (COMAP) (Banquet speaker)
Sue Whitesides (McGill University)


May 4, 2000 - May 7, 2000

Place: Van Vleck Hall, University of Wisconsin (Madison)


Amir Assadi (University of Wisconsin)
Steven Bauman (University of Wisconsin)
Joseph Malkevitch (York College(CUNY))
Dorothy Washburn (Maryland Institute, College of Art)
Robert Wilson (University of Wisconsin)


National Science Foundation, EHR-Division of Undergraduate Education
Algebra Caucus of the University of Wisconsin Mathematics Department
Mathematics Department Colloquium Fund

Contributed papers:

Contributed papers (length up to 30 minutes) dealing with the areas of:

Symmetry, intuitive geometry, polyhedra, tilings, finite geometry,
computational geometry, visualization, convexity, discrete geometry, graph
theory, geometric games, etc. are welcomed. If it's geometry, we want to
hear about it!

Conference web page (includes registration and housing information):

For further information contact:

Joseph Malkevitch email: joeyc at phone: 718-262-2551
(voicemail if no answer.)

Joe Malkevitch Department of Mathematics, York College (CUNY) Jamaica, NY 11451
E-mail:  joeyc at          Phone: (718) 262-2551
             Web Page:

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