Theory jobs at Xerox PARC

Marshall Bern bern at
Fri Mar 10 10:33:20 PST 2000

   The Xerox PARC theoretical computer science group is now interviewing
   for a researcher and a programmer/algorithm designer.  Current projects
   include robust statistics, data compression, and document scanning, 
   improvement, and authentication.

   The researcher candidate must have a Ph.D. in computer science or
   a related field, and have a demonstrated record of developing 
   new theoretical techniques to solve applied problems.

   The programmer candidate must have a strong programming background
   and a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in computer science or a related field
   (e.g., mathematics or statistics).  The programming position 
   would be a good opportunity for a "pre-doc" to try out research.

   To apply, send a current resume and names of 3 references to 

   Dr. Marshall Bern
   Xerox PARC
   3333 Coyote Hill Rd.
   Palo Alto, CA  94304   USA
   bern at

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