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Sat Jan 29 13:26:49 PST 2000

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Sung Kyun Kwan 
University has immediate openings for three research faculty positions 
at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. These positions are 
for the three-year research project entitled "Image-based Internet VR 
and agent technologies for intelligent Electronic Commerce" funded by 
the Brain Korea 21 program of the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea 
and Samsung Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. 
Areas of interest are (1) computer graphics or computational geometry, 
(2) computer vision, and (3) agent technologies for Electronic Commerce. 
Candidates must have a doctorate in computer science or a related field. 
The positions will remain open until they are filled; however, potential candidates
are urged to submit their resumes via email until Feb. 10 for favorable considerations. 

The initial appointment is for one year with the possibility of renewal. 
However, two-year appointment will be considered for excellent candidates, 
still with the possible renewal for an additional year. The annual salary is 
24,000,000 won (approximately US$21,000). Considering the low income taxes 
and living cost in Korea, the salary may amount to more than US$40,000. 
There is also generous travel support for international conferences. 

Sung Kyun Kwan University(SKKU) is the oldest university in Korea, 
established in 1398. SKKU is ranked 5th in Korea and 28th in Asia by Asia Week. 
SKKU has been experiencing a rapid growth lately since Samsung participated 
in running the University. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
currently has 46 full-time faculty members, and offers BS/MS/PhD programs 
to approximately 1200 undergraduate majors and 350 graduate students. 
Support to the new faculty is quite excellent.

Located 15 miles south of Seoul and surrounded by high-tech industries 
such as Samsung, SKKU combines a small town atmosphere with the advantages 
of a major metropolitan area. The quality of life is extraordinary, and 
the opportunities for consulting and joint research with industry are excellent.

Please email a resume including the applicant's email address and 
a list of references to: Dr. Han, JungHyun (for computer graphics), 
Dr. Yi, June-Ho (for computer vision), or Dr. Lee, Eun-Seok (for agent technologies 
for Electronic Commerce). If you are interested in interdisciplinary research 
encompassing more than two areas, or have inquiries in the overall project, 
please contact Dr. Han. 

Dr. Han, JungHyun
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea 440-746
Tel: +82-331-290-7140
Fax: +82-331-290-7211
Email: han at

Dr. Yi, June-Ho
Tel: +82-331-290-7142
Fax: +82-331-290-7231
Email: jhyi at

Dr. Lee, Eun-Seok
Tel: +82-331-290-7135
Fax: +82-331-290-7211
Email: eslee at

Han, JungHyun
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sung Kyun Kwan University
Suwon, 440-746, Korea
+82-331-290-7140 (phone) +82-331-290-7211 (fax)
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