PhD student position, Utrecht, NL

Marc van Kreveld marc at
Fri Jan 7 13:46:46 PST 2000

At the Department of Computer Science of Utrecht University,
there is an opening for a

                PhD student

on a project entitled

        Geometric Algorithms for the Visualisation of
                Traffic and Transportation,

funded by the Cornelis Lely-foundation. This project has
as its goal the development and implementation of algorithms
for special purpose cartographic visualization for traffic and
transportation. The research will be done in the Applied
Algorithms group headed by prof.dr. Mark Overmars


The project consists of research on geometric algorithms for
the visualization of data or analyses on (road) networks. In
particular, cartographic visualization by special purpose maps
like schematic maps and cartograms will be studied. The topics
of research are chosen in collaboration with the Advisory Board
for Traffic and Transportation of the Ministry of Transport,
Public Works, and Water Management.

The study of the cartographic problem will lead to a suitable
operationalization or formalization. This is followed by
research on geometric algorithms that provides solutions to
these cartographic problems. Implementations will be done to
test the formalization and algorithmic solution. The algorithms
to be developed may also be based on combinatorial optimization,
and simulation (e.g. finite element methods).

The research should lead to scientific publications in applied
computational geometry and automated cartography, based on new
solutions and algorithmic results.

We offer

- A position as a PhD student for four years
- An interesting, internationally oriented working environment
- Additional stipend on top of the standard (Dutch) PhD student

We look for

- A computer scientist with a Master's degree and with interest
  in and knowledge of algorithms, preferably geometric algorithms

More information

Interested candidates can contact dr. M.J. van Kreveld (Marc),
phone. +31 - 30 - 2534119, e-mail: marc at

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