COORDINATION 2000 (First Call for Papers)

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                            Call for Papers
                           COORDINATION 2000
  Fourth International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages
                           Limassol, Cyprus
                         11-13 September 2000
 The need for increased programmer productivity and rapid development of
 complex systems provide the pragmatic motivation for the development of
 coordination languages and models.  The intellectual excitement
 associated with such endeavors is rooted in the decades-old desire to
 leverage off increasingly higher levels of abstractions.
 Coordination-based methods provide a clean separation between individual
 software components and their interaction within the overall software
 organization.  This separation makes large applications more tractable,
 supports global analysis, and enhances reuse of software.
 Building on the success of the last three COORDINATION conferences,
 whose proceedings were published by Springer in the LNCS series, this
 conference provides a forum for the growing community of researchers
 interested in models, languages, and implementation techniques for
 Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
 * Theoretical models and foundations for coordination: component
   composition, concurrency, mobility, dynamic aspects of coordination.
 * Specification, refinement, and analysis of software architectures:
   patterns and styles, verification of functional and non-functional
 * Coordination, architectural, and interface definition languages:
   implementation, interoperability, heterogeneity.
 * Agent-oriented languages: formal models for interacting agents.
 * Dynamic software architectures: mobile agents, configuration,
 * Tools and environments for the development of coordinated applications:
   integration within the development process.
 * Industrial relevance of coordination and software architectures:
   programming in the large, domain-specific software architectures and
   coordination models, case studies.
 The conference proceedings will be published by Springer, in the LNCS
 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) series.
 Submission Instructions
 Authors are invited to submit full papers (in English, up to 6000 words)
 electronically.  Details on paper submission will be available on the
 conference web page
 The authors' instructions provided by Springer should be followed. They
 can be obtained from
 Full papers must be received no later than 14 April 2000.
 Simultaneous or similar submissions to other conferences or journals are
 not allowed.
 An abstract of no more than 250 words must be received by 7 April 2000.
 Details on abstract submission will be available on the conference web 
 Submissions should explicitly state their contribution and their
 relevance to the theme of the conference.  Other criteria for selection
 will be originality, significance, correctness, and clarity.
 Conference Location
 The conference will be held in Limassol, the most popular and lively
 city of Cyprus, which is located on the southern coast of the
 island. The conference venue will be a five-star hotel on the coast.
                            IMPORTANT DATES
          Pre-submission abstracts:       7 Apr 2000
          Full paper submissions:        14 Apr 2000
          Notification of acceptance:    14 Jun 2000
          Camera-ready version:           7 Jul 2000
 Program co-chairs:
    Antonio Porto
         New University of Lisbon, Portugal
         ap at
    Gruia-Catalin Roman
         Washington University in St. Louis, USA
         roman at
 Organizing Chair:
    George A. Papadopoulos
         University of Cyprus
         george at
 Program Committee (partial list):
         Farhad Arbab
         CWI, The Netherlands
         Farhad.Arbab at
         GianLuigi Ferrari
         U. Pisa, Italy
         giangi at
         Jose Luiz Fiadeiro
         U. Lisbon, Portugal
         llf at
         Roberto Gorrieri
         U. Bologna, Italy
         gorrieri at
         Paola Inverardi
         U. l'Aquila, Italy
         inverard at
         Jean-Marie Jacquet
         U. Namur, Belgium
         jmj at
         Edwin de Jong
         Signaal, The Netherlands
         edejong at
         Joost Kok
         U. Leiden, The Netherlands
         joost at
         Jose Meseguer
         SRI, USA
         meseguer at
         Naftaly Minsky
         Rutgers U., USA
         minsky at
         Antonio Natali
         U. Bologna, Italy
         anatali at
         Rocco De Nicola
         U. Firenze, Italy
         denicola at
         George Papadopoulos
         U. Cyprus, Cyprus
         george at
         Rick Schlichting
         U. Arizona, USA
         rick at
         Robert Tolksdorf
         T.U. Berlin, Germany
         tolk at
         Alan Wood
         U. York, UK
         wood at
 This conference is officially sponsored by the Esprit Working Group
 24512 "Coordina" (see

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