Multi-Tesselation (MT) package available

Paola Magillo magillo at
Thu Feb 10 17:57:06 PST 2000

We are pleased to announce the distribution of the Multi-Tesselation (MT)

For information and downloading, see:

The MT package is a dimension-independent package for the representation and
manipulation of spatial objects as simplicial complexes at multiple
It allows the design of interactive applications which exploit the full
power of multiresolution on geometric objects represented by meshes in any

The MT Package is fully parametric on:
- The dimension of the mesh (e.g., a surface made of triangles, a volume
  made of tetrahedra, and any higher dimensional complex made of simplexes);
- The dimension on the embedding space;
- Any attribute that you wish to store at the vertices and at the cells
  of your mesh;
- Any criterion that you wish to adopt in order to extract meshes at
  variable resolution from the multiresolution model.

With the MT package, you can:
- Manage multiresolution the way you like: you just have to specify the
  attributes you wish to include and the condition to test the resolution.
- Use your own simplification code to build the multiresolution model:
  you just have to include commands provided by a class in the library.

The MT Package also contains some off-the-shelf programs, which can be
either used directly, or adopted as templates to write new applications:
- Programs to build multiresolution models of terrains and surfaces;
- Demo programs using the MT library to fly over a terrain, and to
  analyze an object by interactively using a magic lens.
- Documentation and guidelines are included in the distribution.

The library is written in ANSI C++ and has been tested under Unix
on PC (Linux), and Silicon Graphics (Irix).

Please send any questions or comments to magillo at

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