CGAL 2.1, Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

Geert-Jan Giezeman geert at
Tue Feb 1 14:17:19 PST 2000

We are pleased to announce release 2.1 of CGAL, the Computational 
Geometry Algorithms Library.
CGAL 2.1 is the first release to support the Windows platform.

Additions to release 2.0 include:
- Triangulations in 3D
- Alpha shapes
- Several algorithms on sets of points in 2D
- Support for compilers under Windows NT/98/95 (VC++, g++). 
- and more

The CGAL project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, easy to
and efficient C++ software library of geometric data structures and 
algorithms. The CGAL library contains:
- Basic geometric primitives such as points, vectors, lines, 
  predicates such as for relative positions of points, and operations 
  such as intersections and distance calculation.
- A collection of standard data structures and geometric algorithms, 
  such as convex hull, (Delaunay) triangulation, planar map, polyhedron, 
  smallest enclosing sphere, and multidimensional query structures.
- Interfaces to other packages, e.g. for visualisation, and I/O, and 
  other support facilities. 

For further information and for downloading the library and its 
documentation,  please visit the CGAL web page:

Should you have any questions or comments, please send a message to 
cgal at

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