JDSL 2.0

JDSL Team jdsl at cs.brown.edu
Sat Aug 26 01:06:16 PDT 2000

The JDSL 2.0 Team is pleased to announce the release of JDSL, the Data
Structures Library in Java, version 2.0.  It is available from the
JDSL web site


JDSL 2.0 is a collection of Java interfaces and classes that implement
fundamental data structures and algorithms, such as:

- sequences, trees, priority queues, search trees, hash tables 
- sorting and searching algorithms 
- graphs 
- graph traversals, shortest path, minimum spanning tree

JDSL 2.0 is suitable for use by researchers, professional programmers,
educators, and students. It comes with extensive documentation,
including detailed javadoc, an overview, a tutorial with seven
lessons, and several associated research papers.  It is available free
of charge for noncommercial use.  Commercial licenses are also

JDSL 2.0 was developed at the Center for Geometric Computing of Brown
University, in collaboration with Algomagic Technologies, Inc.  It is
based on research and educational work led by Michael Goodrich and
Roberto Tamassia.

Comments and questions should be addressed to jdsl at cs.brown.edu.

The JDSL 2.0 Team: - Roberto Tamassia
                   - Michael T. Goodrich
                   - Luca Vismara
                   - Mark Handy
                   - Robert Cohen
                   - Benoit Hudson
                   - Ryan S. Baker
                   - Natasha Gelfand
                   - Galina Shubina
                   - Michael Boilen
                   - Maurizio Pizzonia
                   - Keith Schmidt
                   - Ulrik Brandes
                   - Lucy Perry
                   - Andrew Schwerin

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