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Joseph Mitchell jsbm at
Sun Apr 16 22:16:10 PDT 2000

     Postdoctoral/Visiting Positions
         starting Fall, 2000

      University at Stony Brook

We anticipate having at least one postdoctoral or visiting position
available at the University at Stony Brook, in the Department of
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, starting in the fall of 2000.

We expect to have a one-year visiting position available for strong
candidates in the areas of operations research, algorithms,
computational geometry, optimization, etc.  The visiting position
would include some modest teaching.

We also expect to appoint one Postdoctoral Fellow under a Vertical
Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences
( grant from the National
Science Foundation. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent
residents. VIGRE Fellows are expected to have and demonstrate a strong
commitment to the integration of mathematics with the outside world or
to the educational mission of the university and to participate in the
university's outreach effort to either industry, financial
institutions, or other educational establishments.

The postdoc and visitor are expected to conduct research, both
independently and in collaboration with Stony Brook faculty and
students, in support of various projects, which include the areas of
computational geometry and algorithms, with applications in computer
graphics, optimization, visualization, manufacturing, and GIS.  Many
of the applications projects require facility with software and
algorithm development.  

Faculty in the algorithms/geometry area include Estie Arkin, Joe
Mitchell, Michael Bender, Steve Skiena, and adjuncts Martin Held,
Claudio Silva, Karel Zikan.  In addition, there are opportunities to
collaborate with the Center for Visual Computing (Ari Kaufman,
director) at Stony Brook.
Faculty in the operations research area include Eugene Feinberg, 
Jadranka Skorin-Kapov, Michael Taksar, and Alan Tucker.

To be considered for the position, send a notice of intent, and a vita
(in ascii, latex, or ps) to Joe Mitchell (jsbm at,
at your earliest convenience.

The University at Stony Brook is an Equal Opportunity employer.

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