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Fri Apr 7 18:28:29 PDT 2000

Dear Colleague,

The fifth Intuitive Geometry Conference organized by J\'anos Bolyai
Mathematical Society, together with the Alfr\'ed R\'enyi Institute of
Mathematics will take place June 5-9, 2000. We have already tried to send
the first announcement to you. We are not sure whether you have received
it, as some of the addresses turned out to be wrong; therefore we attempt
to reach you again.

With best regards,

  The Organizers


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Budapest, F\H{o} utca 68., 1027

{\kicsi phone: (361) 201 - 7656},

{\kicsi phone/fax: (361) 201 - 6974}

{\kicsi e-mail address of the Conference:}
{\tt intuit\} 
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\centerline {\bf INTUITIVE GEOMETRY}
\centerline{Balatonf\"oldv\'ar, Hungary, June 5 -- 9, 2000}

\centerline{\ss Announcement}
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Dear Colleague,

The J\'anos Bolyai Mathematical Society, together with the Alfr\'ed R\'enyi
Institute of Mathematics is organizing a Conference on Intuitive Geometry 
from June 5 to 9, 2000 at Balatonf\"oldv\'ar, Hungary. 

The subject ``Intuitive Geometry'' does not occur in the AMS
classification. The word was coined by L\'aszl\'o Fejes T\'oth to denote
the area of geometry dealing with problems, which were described by
Hilbert as being explainable to the man in the street. It includes great
parts of combinatorial geometry, the theory of packing, covering and
tiling, convexity, computational geometry, rigidity theory, the geometry
of numbers, crystallography and classical differential geometry. The
meeting next year will be the fifth on this topic organized by the Bolyai
Society. With it, we would like to celebrate the year of mathematics as
well as the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the R\'enyi
Institute (earlier Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of
Sciences). The organizing committee of the conference is: Imre B\'ar\'any,
K\'aroly B\"or\"oczky, K\'aroly B\"or\"oczky Jr. (Secretary), G\'abor
Fejes T\'oth, and J\'anos Pach. We are pleased to report that Franck
Barthe, Nikolai Dolbilin, Zolt\'an F\"uredi, Gil Kalai, Nati Linial,
L\'aszl\'o Lov\'asz, Ji\v{r}\'{\i} Matou\v{s}ek, G\'eza T\'oth and Emo
Welzl have accepted our invitation to give plenary talks at the

Balatonf\"oldv\'ar is a resort area at lake Balaton, 
about 130 km
(80 miles)  from Budapest.  The conference is held at
Hotel JOGAR, where many successful international conferences
have been organized the last decade. 

Arrival: Sunday, June 4, 

Departure:  Saturday, June 10.

Registration will take place at the Hotel on
Sunday from 4.00 p.m. to
10.00 p.m., and Monday morning before the opening. 
An excursion will be organized for Wednesday afternoon.
More details on how to get to 
Hotel JOGAR, on the excursion and on the scientific program
will be given in the Third Announcement around May 8.

If you plan to give a 20 minute {\it contributed talk},  
please send the title and abstract  
(not longer than one page) in \TeX format to "intuit\" by
April 28, 2000.

Do not hesitate to forward this announcement to your colleagues and
students, if you think they are interested in ``Intuitive Geometry.'' 

Please visit our home page 

for the latest information on the conference. 


We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

\vskip1truecm \hskip10truecm{The Organizing Committee}

\bigskip April 6, 2000


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{\bf   Registration:}

Please complete the attached form and return it along with a
certified check - bank draft - money order  (but  not  a personal
check) covering the registration fee, payable to  "J\'anos
Bolyai Mathematical Society". ({\kicsi{Paying by  bank transfer our
bank's data: ABN AMRO Bank Rt., \ \
Budapest, Gerl\'oczy utca 11., H - 1052 \ \
Account number: 10200830 - 32310243 - 00000000 -- "Intuitive Geometry"
Please note that we will not accept bank charges, those are at
the sender's expense.}})  

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\noindent\settabs 3\columns {\it
               & Registration fee & Late fee (after April 28)  \cr 
Regular:             & USD 120       &   USD 140             \cr
Accompanying person: & USD  \ 40       &   USD  \ 40             \cr}


\noindent The  rates at the Hotel (with full board and for the whole period) 
are the following:
\item{}   Single room: \ \ \ \ USD 260/person 
\item{}   Double room:  \ \ \ USD 180/person

The registration fee covers the conference materials and a reception. 
The registration fee for non academic accompanying persons
includes a reception ticket.

\noindent Accommodation and meals are to be paid upon arrival
at the conference registration desk. 

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\centerline{\bf REGISTRATION FORM}

\centerline {\bf INTUITIVE GEOMETRY V.}

You may register by returning this form by
e-mail to {\bf intuit\}, by mail or fax to
J\'ANOS BOLYAI MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY Budapest, F\H{o} utca 68., 1027 

Phone/fax: (36--1)--201--6974

Family name:

First name:

The title of the lecture (if you
intend to give one):

Number of accompanying persons:

Please, indicate if you wish to be accommodated in a single room    


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