Announcement of Core Library, Version 1.2

Chee Yap yap at
Thu Sep 30 18:14:25 PDT 1999

============== SOFTWARE RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT ===================

The CORE Library, Version 1.2, is now available for free
download at


The CORE library is a collection of C/C++ classes for exact
computation with constructible real numbers.

Some Features:
   -- ease of use: most existing C/C++ programs can be
        converted into robust programs with minimal effort
   -- precision-driven approach to exact computation
   -- expanded set of sample programs
   -- library is small (0.75 MB compressed, including documentation)
   -- tested on Sparc, SGI and Linux platforms.

We welcome your comments and input.

-- Chee Yap (yap at
   Chen Li (chenli at
   September 30, 1999

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