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                          Hermes Science Publications
                                  Paris and Oxford
 JDA aims to facilitate communication between researchers in
 theoretical computer science who are concerned with the design and
 analysis of discrete algorithms. JDA welcomes original papers in all
 areas of discrete algorithm design and analysis. The purpose of this
 journal is to feature new algorithms and data structures, new
 analyses or comparisons of known algorithms, complexity studies and
 well-focussed review articles of currently-active subject areas.
 Articles in other areas of theoretical computer science will also be
 considered when there is a clear connection to computational issues.
 The JOURNAL OF DISCRETE ALGORITHMS is pledged to maintain an  
openness to all approaches to the subject, a transparent reviewing  
policy, and a minimal delay between submission and publication.
 D. Gabbay (King's College), C .S. Iliopoulos (King's College),
 G. F. Italiano (Universita di Roma), M.Smid (Universitat Magdeburg),
 E. Upfal (Brown University), D. Wagner (Universitat Konstanz)
 Editorial Board
 J. Abello, S. Albers, A. Andersson, A. Broder, M. de Berg, P. Dunne,
 M. Dyer, A. Frieze, R. Giancarlo, G. Gottlob, M. Grohe, R.Hariharan,
 R. Janardan, M. Kaufmann, T. Lecroq, B. Levcopoulos, S. Naeher, 
 H. Nagamochi, G. Narasimhan, K. Park, M-F. Sagot, S. Schirra, I.
 Stewart, M. Szegedy, M. Thorup, S. Vorobyov, G . Woeginger, M.
 Submissions should be made to one of the editors-in-chief depending
 on the subject area. Further information about submission
 arrangements including instructions for authors is available on:
 jda at
 Special Issues
 Special issues are a feature of the journal and the following are
 planned for the first volume:
 * Matching patterns
             Editors: M. Crochemore and L. Gasieniec
 * Advances in Data Structures
              Editors:  R. Hariharan  and R. Raman
 * Combinatorial Algorithms
               Editors:  C.S.Iliopoulos and T. Radzik
 The subscription rates including postage, packaging  and online
 access for Volume 1, Issues 1-3 2000, ISSN 1468-0904 are:

 Individual rate:
 Euro 195   (Europe)
 Euro 215   (rest of world)
 Institutional rate:
 Euro 300   (Europe)
 Euro 330   (rest of world)
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