WSCG'2000 - deadline changed to October 21,1999/L1

Vaclav Skala skala at
Mon Oct 11 08:23:52 PDT 1999

Dear friend,

due to the low number of correct submissions (not filled Copyright transfer
form, problems with FTP, network etc.) I extended the deadine for paper
submission for WSCG'2000 exceptionally to:

October 21, 1999 - files must be uploaded (exceptionally can be send as
attached binary files if copressed and if they do not exceed 700KB together)
and  the copyright trasfer form must obtained (fax is O.K. if originl
included to the original. Paper version must be obtained by October 27.

Please, register your paper via WEB if you haven't done it yet. Please,
remind the deadline colleagues of yours.

Sorry for duplicates and inconveniences I caused.



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