Funding opportunity in the US (international collaboration is also encouraged)

Jack Snoeyink snoeyink at
Sat Oct 9 07:58:49 PDT 1999

I was speaking with Kamal Abdali at NSF yesterday, and he wanted to make 
sure that the US computational geometry community knows about the following
funding opportunity
>  Title: Information Technology Research (ITR)
>     Type: Program Announcements & Information
>  Subtype: NSF-wide

Apparently the funding approval for $100M has just gone through congress,
which essentially increases the total computer science budget by 50% this
year. The increase is to meet the goals of the PITAC report.
Letters of intent for $3M centers and proposals over $500K are due Nov 15.

(The ITR program document also says that international collaboration is
encouraged.  Since NSF funds are spent in the US, what this usually means
that coordinated submissions to two or more different national granting
agencies will increase the chances of both.)

On behalf of the CG steering committee,

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