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                        European Graduate Program 
         Berlin  ------------------------------------------  Zurich       
                  Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation

In the newly established graduate program two-year scholarships for 

are available in Berlin and Zurich starting January 1st, 2000. Applicants
should have a degree in mathematics, computer science, or a related area 
equivalent to the German or Swiss university diploma (e.g. M.S.) with grades 
significantly above average. Furthermore at each location a
                         postdoctoral position

is available for at most two years. 

The program is a joint initiative of the ETH Zurich, the three universities
of Berlin - Free University, Technical University, Humboldt-University - and 
the Konrad-Zuse-Research Center. The German partners are financially suppor-
ted by the German Research association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft,
DFG). The amount of the scholarships in Berlin is calculated according to 
the guidelines of the DFG and is up to DM 2690 per month, tax free (family 
supplement DM 400).

The scientific program ranges from theoretical fundamentals to applications.
The areas of research are combinatorics, geometry, optimization, algorithms
and computation, computer graphics, and vision. In Berlin the students are 
supervised by the professors Aigner, Alt, Rote, Schulz (FU), Moehring, Zieg-
ler (TU), Proemel (HU) and Groetschel (ZIB). The participating professors at
ETH Zurich are Fukuda, Van Gool, M. Gross, Luethi, Nievergelt, Richter-Ge-
bert, Schiele, Welzl and Widmayer.

Applications with curriculum vitae, copies of certificates, theses, a letter 
of recommendation of the last advisor, a brief description of the proposed 
research and, especially for applicants for the postdoctoral position, re-
prints of publications should be sent in until October 23, 1999 to one of 
the speakers of the program:

        in Berlin                        in Zurich

    Prof. Dr. Helmut Alt            Prof. Dr. Emo Welzl
    Institut fuer Informatik        Institut fuer Theoretische Informatik
    Freie Universitaet Berlin       ETH Zentrum 
    Takustrasse 9                   CH-8092 Zurich         
    D-14195 Berlin

Further Information can be obtained from
   Bettina Felsner                  Emo Welzl
   Tel. ++49-30-838 75 104          Tel. ++41-1-63 273 92
   bfelsner at        emo at


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