Election results

Joseph O'Rourke orourke at grendel.csc.smith.edu
Mon May 24 10:28:17 PDT 1999

Dear Members of the Comp Geom Community,
	I am pleased to announce the results of our Steering Committee
election.  One hundred and five ballots were received, each recording
votes for up to five of the twenty-five candidates.  The five candidates
who received the most votes are:

	Pankaj Agarwal
	Jean-Daniel Boissonnat
	Mike Goodrich
	Joe Mitchell
	Jack Snoeyink

These five become the new Computational Geometry Steering Committee, to
serve two-year appointments.  They will organize themselves into officers
(Chair, Secretary, etc.) as they see fit, and report at the upcoming SoCG
business meeting.
	Thanks to all for participating in our election process!
					Joe O'Rourke
					(Outgoing) Secretary

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