What are the best conferences for Computational Geometry? (fwd)

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I have been asked to direct to the list a sort of summary of the email I
received on which were the best conferences.  I didn't keep all the mail
but I did keep three that are worth reviewing (passing on to everyone).

I'll post them one by one (sorry, kludgy old email editor).

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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 21:50:18 -0500
From: Victor Milenkovic <vjm at alpha.cs.miami.edu>
Reply-To: vjm at cs.miami.edu
To: dickijk at engga.uwo.ca
Subject: Re: What are the best conferences for Computational Geometry?

I am the local arrangements chair for Symposium on Computational
Geometry this year.  I append the current information.  I'll be
updating the web page soon.

The web site for the Solid Modeling Conference is:



Victor Milenkovic	Associate Professor of Computer Science
University of Miami	Department of Math and Computer Science
P.O. Box 249085		Coral Gables, FL  33124
(305) 284-4194		FAX: -2848  Main Office: -2575
vjm at cs.miami.edu	http://www.cs.miami.edu/~vjm/

>From: Marshall Bern <bern at parc.xerox.com>
>Subject:      CFP-- ACM Symp. Computational Geometry
>                  CALL FOR PAPERS
>           Fifteenth Annual ACM Symposium on
>                   June 13--16, 1999
>                 Miami Beach, Florida
>          http://www.cs.miami.edu/events/SCG99/
>            Sponsored by ACM SIGACT & SIGGRAPH
>The 1999 ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry, featuring
>an applied track, a theoretical track, and a video review,
>will be held at the Radisson Deauville Resort in Miami Beach, Florida.
>We invite submissions that address
>  applications of geometric computing, for the applied track, or
>  fundamental problems of geometric computing, for the theoretical track.
>During the conference, sessions of presentations will alternate between
>the two tracks, rather than being in parallel.  The proceedings,
>with the papers of both tracks, will be distributed at the symposium
>and will subsequently be available for purchase from ACM.  A selection
>of papers will be invited to special issues of journals.
>The conference will accept electronic submissions of postscript files;
>guidelines will be available via the conference homepage, given above.
>Topics for the applied track include, but are not limited to
>  experimental analysis of algorithms and data structures;
>  robotics and virtual worlds;
>  computer graphics, simulation and visualization;
>  image processing;
>  geometric and solid modeling;
>  computer aided geometric design;
>  manufacturing;
>  geographical information systems.
>Electronic submissions are preferred, but authors may instead
>mail 14 copies of an extended abstract to arrive by December 4, 1998 to:
>  John Canny
>  Computer Science Division
>  529 Soda Hall
>  Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
>  Phone:  (510) 642-9955
>  jfc at cs.berkeley.edu
>Topics for the theoretical track include, but are not limited to:
>  theoretical analysis of geometric algorithms and data structures;
>  discrete and combinatorial geometry;
>  mathematical and numerical issues arising from implementations.
>Electronic submissions are preferred, but authors may instead
>mail 8 copies of an extended abstract to arrive by December 4, 1998 to:
>  Marshall Bern
>  Xerox PARC
>  3333 Coyote Hill Road
>  Palo Alto, CA  94304-1314
>  Phone:  (650) 812-4443
>  bern at parc.xerox.com
>Important Dates
>  December 4, 1998: Extended abstract due, both tracks
>  February 13, 1999: Video submissions due
>  February 15, 1999: Notification of acceptance or rejection of papers
>  March 1, 1999: Notification of acceptance or rejection of videos
>  March 15, 1999: Camera-ready papers due
>  April 15, 1999: Final versions of videos due
>  June 13-16, 1999: Symposium
>Papers that primarily address practical issues
>and implementation experience, even if not tied to
>a particular application domain, should be submitted to
>the applied track.  Papers that primarily prove theorems
>should be submitted to the theoretical track.
>Most experimental work should be submitted to the
>applied track; an exception would be experiments
>in support of mathematical investigations.
>Submissions to one track may be forwarded
>to the other for consideration, unless the authors have explicitly
>stated interest in one track only.
>An extended abstract sent to a program committee
>should begin with a succinct statement of the problems and goals of
>the paper, the main results, and the significance of the work in the
>context of previous research. The abstract should provide sufficient detail to
>allow the program committee to evaluate the validity, quality, and
>relevance of the contribution. The entire extended abstract should not
>exceed 10 pages at a reasonable font size.
>An optional appendix may be included, but this
>will be used at the program committee's discretion.
>Abstracts in hard copy must be received by December 4, 1998, or
>postmarked by November 27 and sent airmail.  Electronic submissions are
>also due December 4.  These are firm deadlines: late submissions will
>not be considered.  Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection
>by February 15, 1999.  A full version of each  contribution in final
>form will be due by March 15, 1999 for inclusion in the proceedings.
>          Conference Chair: Victor Milenkovic (U Miami)
>                      vjm at cs.miami.edu
>Applied Track Program Committee:
>  Pankaj Agarwal (Duke)
>  Nina Amenta (U Texas)
>  Amy Briggs (Middlebury College)
>  John Canny, Chair (Berkeley)
>  David Dobkin (Princeton)
>  Dan Halperin (Tel Aviv)
>  Yan-Bin Jia (Carnegie-Mellon)
>  Lydia Kavraki (Rice)
>  Jean-Claude Latombe (Stanford)
>  Dinesh Pai (U British Columbia)
>  Jonathan Shewchuk (Berkeley)
>  Jack Snoeyink (U British Columbia)
>  Frank van der Stappen (Utrecht)
>Theoretical track Program Committee:
>  Marshall Bern, Chair (Xerox PARC)
>  Herve Bronnimann (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis)
>  Timothy Chan (U Miami)
>  David Eppstein (UC-Irvine)
>  Bernd Gaertner (ETH Zuerich)
>  Jacob E. Goodman (City College, CUNY)
>  Anna Lubiw (U Waterloo)
>                       CALL FOR VIDEOS
>      8th Annual Video Review of Computational Geometry
>Background: This video review showcases the use of visualization in
>computational geometry for exposition and education, as an interface
>and a debugging tool in software development, and for the visual
>exploration of geometry in research. Algorithm animations, visual
>explanations of structural theorems, descriptions of applications of
>computational geometry, and demonstrations of software systems are all
>appropriate. Videos that accompany papers or communications submitted
>to the technical program committee are encouraged.
>Submissions: Authors should send one preview copy of a videotape to the
>address below by February 13, 1999. The videotape should be at most eight
>minutes long (three to five minutes, preferred), and be in VHS NTSC
>or VHS PAL format.
>Each video tape must be accompanied by
>a one- or two-page description of the material
>shown in the video, and where applicable, the techniques used
>in the implementation.
>Please format
>descriptions following the guidelines for ACM proceedings.
>Additional material describing the contents of the videos, such as the full
>text of accompanying papers, may also be included.
>Textual material may be submitted electronically by e-mailing either
>the URL of a PostScript file (preferred) or the PostScript file
>itself to jeffe at cs.uiuc.edu.
>If electronic submission is impossible, authors should include
>5 hardcopies of the accompanying text with their video.
>Videotapes and accompanying text should be sent to:
>  Jeff Erickson
>  Department of Computer Science
>  University of Illinois
>  1304 W. Springfield Ave.
>  Urbana, IL   61801
>  Phone:  (217) 333-6769
>For customs purposes, it is best to declare a value of $5. If you have
>questions, please contact the committee chair at
>jeffe at cs.uiuc.edu or (217) 333-6769.
>Notification: Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection, and
>given reviewers' comments by March 1, 1999. For each accepted
>video, the final version of the textual description will be due by
>March 15, 1999 for inclusion in the proceedings. Final versions of
>accepted videos will be due April 15, 1999 in the best format
>available. The accepted videos will be edited onto one tape, which
>will be shown at the conference, distributed to the participants, and
>available from ACM after the conference.
>Video Program Committee:
>  Danny Chen (Notre Dame)
>  Jeff Erickson, Chair (U Illinois)
>  John Sullivan (U Illinois)
>  Subhash Suri (Washington U)
>  Shang-Hua Teng (U Illinois)

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