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Seg Fault jlindy at
Wed Jul 21 13:30:04 PDT 1999

  I am doing work this summer in the area of the Firehydrant Problem as
posed by Freeman. Developing a software implementation of a medial axis
tranform (not necessarily a very fast one; there is an algorithm by Yao
and Rokne '91 that is O(n^2) which is simple enough) is part of my

  In searching, I have found a few programs to do medial axis transform
(in particular Anthony Lau's Java program and R.L. Ogniewicz's in C.)
However, all of the software that I have found has used finite point sets
to approximate the segments of the simple polygon, rather than instances
of geometric classes such as those found in LEDA (the software package I
am working in).

  Does anyone know of an implementation of the medial axis transform that
uses geometric objects (segments, rays, et ceteras...) rather than
approximating the figures?

-Jeff Lindy
 Tufts University EECS
 class of 2001

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