External Memory Algorithms and Data Structures

Jeff Vitter Jeff.Vitter at sophia.inria.fr
Thu Feb 25 09:00:59 PST 1999

My updated survey "External Memory Algorithms and Data Structures"
is now available on the web.  It will appear as one of the
chapters in the book on External Memory Algorithms, co-edited 
with James Abello and published by AMS in the DIMACS series in
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.

The survey article is available at either of the following two URLs:


If you got an earlier message recently, I apologize 
for the bother.  The article was just finalized yesterday, 
so the version I mentioned earlier has been modified.  
If you've already downloaded it, you may want to re-download it.

I'm currently putting together a joint manuscript with Lars Arge
on the subject of external memory algorithms and data structures,
which we hope to have done in a year, so more later!
  -- Jeff

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