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      F I R S T   C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S 

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      S I B G R A P I ' 9 9
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      XII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing

      University of Campinas, SP, Brazil - October 17--20, 1999

      Image synthesis * Animation and simulation * Geometric modeling
      Computational geometry * Graphical interfaces * Scientific visualization
      Multimedia * Virtual reality * Image retrieval * Image segmentation
      Pattern recognition * Computer vision * Mathematical morphology
      Image compression * Three-dimensional images * Remote sensing
      Geographical databases * Graphics hardware * Applications


      SIBGRAPI, a traditional yearly event of the Brazilian Computer
      Society, is the main technical congress for the country's
      computer graphics and image processing community. 

      SIBGRAPI'99 will be the 12th issue of the conference, and the
      second one with international program committee and call for
      papers. The program will include presentation of TECHNICAL

      The SIBGRAPI'99 Program Committee invites technical contributions
      in all areas of computer graphics and image processing, including
      (but not exclusively) the ones listed above, in the following

        FULL PAPERS (up to 10 pages) and EXTENDED ABSTRACTS (2 pages),
        about original and unpublished developments on algorithms,
        techniques, hardware, or applications, related to the
        Symposium's themes. Submissions will be evaluated for
        relevance, originality, technical value, and conformity with
        the SIBGRAPI'99 style standards. Accepted items will be
        presented as technical lectures and published in the

        TECHNICAL POSTERS about projects still in progress.
        Submissions will be evaluated for their expected interest to
        the Symposium attendance, their potential to foster technical
        cooperation, and their overall quality. Accepted items will be
        exhibited in a Poster Session, and reduced copies will be made
        available to the participants.
        SHORT COURSES about classical or timely topics, at advanced or
        elementary level. Course proposals will be evaluated for
        relevance to the SIBGRAPI'99 themes, contents, originality,
        expected demand, and the lecturers' qualifications. Each
        course will consist of three to six hours of lectures, with
        printed notes (20-50 pages).
        WORKSHOPS and PANEL DISCUSSIONS, on topics related to the
        SIBGRAPI'99 themes, to be held together with the Symposium.
        Proposals to organize such events will be evaluated for
        relevance, expected attendance and value to the audience, and
        the proposers' qualifications. A description of each approved
        event (2 pages) will be printed in the SIBGRAPI'99
      Detailed guidelines for preparing submissions in all these
      categories can be obtained at the addresses listed below. 
      NOTE: Submissions that fail to follow those guidelines
      may be rejected, regardless of their merit.


      Léo Pini de Magalhães (Unicamp), chair
      Pedro Jussieu de Rezende (Unicamp), co-chair
      Alexandre Xavier Falcão (Unicamp) 
      Ivan Luiz Marques Ricarte (Unicamp)
      José Mário De Martino (Unicamp)
      Márcio Lobo Neto (USP)
      Neucimar Jerônimo Leite (Unicamp)
      Roberto Alencar Lotufo (Unicamp)
  PROGRAM COMMITTEE (preliminary)

      Jorge Stolfi  (Unicamp, BR), chair
      Clésio Luis Tozzi  (Unicamp, BR), co-chair

      Antonio Oliveira  (UFRJ, BR)
      Arnaldo Albuquerque  (UFMG, BR)
      Brian Wyvill  (U. Calgary, CA)
      Carla M. S. Freitas  (UFRGS, BR)
      Gilles Bertrand  (ESIEE, FR)
      João M. Carvalho  (UFPB, BR)
      José L. Encarnação  (IGD Darmstadt, DE)
      Junior Barrera  (USP, BR)
      Luciano F. Costa  (USP-SC, BR)
      Luiz H. de Figueiredo  (LNCC, BR)
      Manuel Próspero dos Santos  (UNL, PT)
      Nelson D. A. Mascarenhas  (UFSCar, BR)
      Olga R. P. Bellon  (UFPR, BR)
      Peter Eades  (U. of Newcastle, AU)

      Paulo Cézar Carvalho  (IMPA, BR) and
      Shin-Ting Wu (Unicamp), courses

      Gilbertto Prado  (Unicamp, BR), art gallery
      Marcelo K. Zuffo  (USP, BR), video show


      SIBGRAPI'99 will be held in the campus of the University of
      Campinas (Unicamp), one of Brazil's leading universities.
      Campinas is an agricultural and industrial town of 800,000
      people, with a vigorous cultural life, including an acclaimed
      symphonic orchestra.  The city is also a major technological
      center, being home to many research institutions and
      high-tech industries.
      Campinas is located about 100 km (a one-hour drive) Northwest of
      São Paulo, the largest city in South America and the third
      largest in the world. São Paulo is the economic capital of
      Brazil, and Rio's permanent rival in cultural and gastronomic
      Campinas is connected to São Paulo and several Brazilian cities
      by regular air routes (including two or three daily flights to
      Rio), good highways, and numerous intercity buses.
      The visitor to Campinas will find plenty of opportunities for
      tourism starting from there. We will mention only that some
      200km from Campinas are the forests and scenic views of the
      Serra do Mar, and the Atlantic coast with its warm waters and
      uncountable beaches. In the opposite direction, a day's drive
      away, is the huge Pantanal marshland with its rich and unique


    Papers and abstracts: 

      submission deadline  22/Apr/99 
      decision due         21/Jun/99 
      final version due    09/Aug/99

    Tutorials and Posters:

      submission deadline  22/Apr/99 
      decision due         21/Jun/99
      final version due    09/Sep/99

    Workshops and Panels:

      proposals deadline   05/Apr/99
      decision due         03/May/99
      final program due    09/Sep/99

    sibgrapi99 at

    Caixa Postal 6101
    13083-970 Campinas, SP - BRAZIL

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