B-Splines: computational formulae and interpolation

LGL Limited lgl at idirect.com
Mon Feb 8 00:37:27 PST 1999


I would like to calculate B-spline curves that fit a series of nodes along
a polyline in the GIS I use.  After calculating the curve I would like to
be able to interpolate points along that curve at an approximate frequency
of 10 new nodes to 1 old node.  Optionally I would like to calculate these
new nodes at set distances along the curve - perhaps calculated by
intersecting a curve with the B-spline.  Does anyone have an algorithm to
do this without resorting to calculus - I would like some simple code to
achieve this.  Is this the correct list to ask such a question?  Ideally I
want to write a stand alone module in VisualBASIC to achieve this without
having to resort to other numerical libraries.

Thank you,

Ted Elliott

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